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Do you need a flexible workout schedule that suits your lifestyle?

Stuck at home? Or with kids in tow?

Or maybe you just need motivation to move your body?

AND be guided by an experienced Physiotherapist and Athlete!

For a peachy booty, toned tummy, epic sweaty strength session integrated with stretching… yes, you can access this all and more at home OR on the road travelling! AND be guided and taught by a Physiotherapist, whichever day or time you choose! Accessible today:






Accessible anywhere across the globe, my epic workouts are available ONLINE, yours to access any where, any time, with a community of likeminded individuals to support, cheer and connect with.

Join the fun worldwide team and camaraderie today!

My personally styled fusion workouts are created based on my extensive qualifications in Barre Attack, Polestar Pilates & Conditioning work and can be streamed to your lounge room or outdoor setting from the library of workouts as listed below.

You will feel safe, supported and work on precise technique as I teach using my targeted and deep understanding of the body as a Physiotherapist of 14 years experience.

The unique library of online classes and sessions also includes exclusive Physio Workshops specific for Back Pain, Physio-guided Pelvic Floor work for Women’s Health, My Top 4 Weights Exercised and How to do them Correctly!, Correct Core Activation education and more.

I can also create sessions that you need and want to see, to target your own goals. Just reach out in the Online Group communication board or private message with your special request.

Check out the list below for what is already available and growing each week!

Eager to find out more?



Here are some of the workouts and sessions available from our sessions which are now available on demand, replayable at a time that suits your schedule. Once you join the MoveTrainGlow Online Membership, you have access to all this and more:

  • More coming every week, so watch this space…


Specific, quality and targeted Physio-led Training sessions under the careful guidance an experienced Physiotherapist and Elite Athlete.

Gym and studio-based, private and Group Physio sessions are available at the Exercise Institute in Subiaco. Home visit or mobile services via booking.

As an Athlete, strength and conditioning alongside the highest level of fitness are my personal goals which I extend in to your personalised sessions. Consistency is key, so I will devise an individualised exercise program for you to do in your own time or when you’re away.

Injuries to manage and work around while having an epic sweat session SAFELY? I’m a Physiotherapist, I’m your girl.

Physio-led and devised Training sessions are goal orientated with Physio based outcome measures, and as such can be claimed on your Health Fund for a rebate if you are covered for Physiotherapy services.

CONTACT ME to book your Initial Assessment to kick off your sessions.


Subiaco Physio Pilates for Performance at the Exercise Institute

Physio-led Pilates is designed to strengthen your deeper core, promote flexibility, increase endurance as well as prevent injury.

Pilates Performance Classes are held at Subiaco at the Exercise Institute. This specific class hones in on movement efficiency and boosting your power. It combines Physio exercises with fine motor control and biomechanics while keeping the breathing and essence of Pilates – for YOUR performance. 

Physio Pilates for Performance classes are 55mins and cost $30 for a casual class but $25 when you purchase a pack upfront. Places are strictly limited.

Click to book your place now at the Exercise Institute.

Barre Attack Classes

Long, lean lines. Toned, sweaty and strong.

High intensity, low impact strength classes to fast paced dance music.

I coined this “Pilates on Steroids”. Yes, it’s a tough one at times!

OR bring your baby carrier with you and workout with your teeny tiny tots like this! That will certainly up the anti! Babies and kids of all ages are very welcome to these classes.

Maintaining postural alignment throughout both the leg work AND arm series is paramount, but doesn’t have to be perfect!

Your posture is YOUR journey.

As a Physiotherapist who LOVES healthy movement patterns, these classes will work your weaknesses. Especially your legs and butt! Be prepared to work and sweat, while having fun.

Founder and Creator of BARRE ATTACK is Bondi’s Renee Scott, who wrote What to Expect in a Barre Class – which is the female encounter of the experience, as opposed to a man’s witty (and very brave) writing I’ve shared further down.

Barre Attack Classes are to be held in Kalamunda and Subiaco, with 2020 times being confirmed.

BYO Socks for hygiene. Otherwise you may purchase Grip socks on the day.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL as places are limited at the barre with elastics and balls. The high tempo class goes for 45mins, and believe me when I say that is plenty long enough!

A brilliant and entertaining read if you wish to learn more about what to expect at a barre class AND also learn WHY MEN SHOULD DO BARRE (I have witnessed men doing barre and actually enjoying it!) was written by GQ Magazine. This article is incredibly true and worth sharing! 5 Reasons Why Men Can (and should) Do Barre Classes by Clay Skipper. 

Clay is a very brave man! But Arnold takes it all in his stride, as always.


FIT MUMS & BUBS: Barre Pilates Fusion

Getting back into exercise after a baby break or injury?

This Group Class is specifically designed for post-baby Mums and beginner level Barre and Pilates work with your Physio. Focussing on:

  • Toning the tummy & butt
  • Clinical guidance for pelvic floor care
  • Fitness & FUN
  • Strength & stretching
  • Time out for YOU, to take care of yourself and your mindset in a supportive environment

All this is under the guidance of an experienced Physiotherapist, Pilates & Barre Instructor with Women’s Health expertise… and I love kids. I can modify exercises to suit your needs.

The class is 55mins, $20. Text 0403942519 if you are interested.

Classes are held in Subiaco and Kalamunda, and times will expand on request – feel free to Contact me for your requests for times. BYO Socks for hygiene. Otherwise you may purchase Grip socks on the day.

Your own Private and Group Physio-led Pilates classes can also be arranged by contacting me – click here to get in touch and we can arrange a time that works for your schedule.

Head over to MoveTrainGlow on Facebook for the most up to date class times, changes or new additions.