Meet Sarah Mc

Well, it’s a funny thing to write about yourself. I’ve come to learn that true authenticity is the ability to genuinely speak your truth. Be real, not perfect. To own your story wholeheartedly. And if my story helps just ONE person see themselves or their situation with more clarity, perspective or direction, that’s a win. So here’s my story…

I’ve created this space to share knowledge, educate, empower and grow with you, to guide and motivate you on YOUR journey to health and wellness. I believe that a place of complete, ‘holistic’ wellbeing, stems from not only what you do with your body to move or exercise, but what you utilise to energise or heal your system. And of course, this includes what thoughts occupy your mind. I believe your thought patterns and what you truly believe will create and shape your life and future.

My biggest passion is to embody and uphold the gift of health – not only to allow my best life to unfold, but to inspire and motivate others to be at their greatest health as well. I thrive in the realm of helping others. And when I say health, I’m referring to physical, mental, emotional, environmental and beyond.

I’ve been a Physiotherapist in private practice for over 12 years. I LOVE teaching people how to move their bodies the way they are designed to move. There’s a place for hands on treatment and careful muscle and joint movement patterning assessment. But just as much importance needs to be placed on correcting movement patterns and establishing balance, strength, stability and/or joint range. Then ensuring those patterns continue beyond the treatment room. That’s what I love about what I do.

I strongly believe that health and wellness is anchored so closely to nature. Why does it feel so nourishing and supportive to be in fresh air, buried in the depths of beautiful trees? Why do we become so invigorated, at ease and refreshed, at the same time, in the ocean? Why is it that those first and last golden rays of sunshine elevate your soul? You know how it feels; that feeling of gentle sunlight on your skin. Divine. I LOVE LOVE THE OUTDOORS. Clearly. I am blessed to live in an untouched, magnificent part of the world, in the south west corner of Australia. It’s pristine beaches, karri forests and expansive iconic landscape is HEAVEN for my eyes and my soul.

I feel Mother Nature provides us with what our bodies need. Heck, how long did we not only survive but evolve on this planet before the invention of power, technology and pharmaceuticals?

I am so grateful to be healthy and wealthy in life BUT this hasn’t always been the case. I was very unwell over different periods of time in the past.

To expose the nitty gritty of it…

As a small child, I was diagnosed severe asthma. I had my own peak flow gauge, medication chart and several ‘shake, twist and suck’ medication routines, morning and night. Severe eczema and allergies chased this for years. Steroid based creams were used like a daily face wash, but over my arms and legs. Through my teens stomach problems evolved. “It’s just gas,” the doctor said “Take these tablets and you’ll be fine.” It allowed me to continue road racing at a State and National Level throughout high school.

At 23 years old I ticked off a multitude of somewhat ‘non-ideal’ health boxes. I had my own Endocrinologist, Gastroenterologist and two Gynaecologists. We were scanning for pituitary tumours and raiding my poor painful tummy for Celiac Disease markers. The result – they wanted to put me on heavy hormone replacement therapy drugs (which women require for menopause), more stomach medications and iron supplements. Injuries from training followed and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, plus I also went on medications for early Osteoporosis. Add into my health dossier antidepressants, more hormone elevating prescriptions and Phenergan for a horrible extreme atopic dermatitis which also included UV treatment twice a week with a Dermatologist… and I’ll have you know, racing the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships here in Perth in 2016 didn’t quite go to plan. Phernergon is a heavy duty antihistamine, sedative, and anti-nausea drug. It’s goal does the complete opposite of what you need on race day by suppressing your entire system. No power. No climbing. Out the back of the race. FAST.


Over the course of this health rollercoaster, so many alarm bells were triggered within my intuition, as my body fell apart all around me. Fortunately, during this period, the start of my journey into alternative medicine commenced. The gorgeous and incredible Megan Trembath at the POINT OF CHANGE in Sydney entered my life as an Pilates client. She worked for years on my crazy, out-of-whack body using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and looking deeper into my beliefs and mindset.

This process was extremely difficult for me at the time, as I was (and still am) a science nut who wanted to know what we were doing and WHY. I was definitely NOT into alternative anything. So I just accepted my inability to understand, let go a little and carried on in hope it would help. AND IT DID.

My knowledge of the powers of alternative ancient medicine grew enormously as I watched, experienced and felt my body change like magic. No pill, cream or sucking required. Just strange tasting brown tea made from all sorts of ground up elements from the earth.

Not only did my health improve, my old belief system of what we should do when we are unwell, sick, dis-eased or ‘not quite right’ (ie. go to the doctor) was completely blown out of the water. As a result, I am now very openly ‘anti-medication’. Sure, there is a time and place for modern medicine, but I choose to avoid it. That is my prerogative, and I have come to learn there is another way! I don’t want chemical, synthetic crap in my body. No thank you. And then need another prescription to work on the side effects of the first drug? No thank you.

I started using dōTERRA verified pure, CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade) essential oils almost 3 years ago. Initially, it was not for medicinal approaches. More so, for the lovely aromatic scents and powers. Recently, I discovered the plethora of evidence based, published, scientific studies to support their use clinically. Topically and as a food additive/ingested. The DōTERRA oils and range  are studied and produced by over 70 experienced medical practitioners. They are tested for purity by stringent third parties, in over 12 different tests.

These scientists and natural therapists have created the way I choose to walk. It works even better as prevention. Being a Physio, I’ve always said to my Pilates clients, friends and family “Prevent is better than cure.”


DōTERRA empowers me to live a natural solution, “low-tox” life. A lifestyle without nasty chemical based products, synthetic fillers, hormone-destroying sanitisers and drugs laden with artificial and potentially harmful ingredients. The DōTERRA range is not just essential oils. It includes completely natural essential oil based deodorants, laundry products, skin care range and more. There are new products added constantly. It literally is a natural health and wellness lifestyle.

The “other way” also includes other alternative health practitioners, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and Energy Healing. These ‘hippy’ options have been ultimate game changers for me, in comparison to the options provided by our commonly known Western Medicine World.

And so on my blog, I write about all things optimum health, essential oils, science and the incredibly stunning local ‘down south paradise’ in which I live. Let me share my passions and empower you to greatness.


I am an elite road and mountain bike cyclist who races frequently. I ride 10-15 hours a week on average. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now and have represented Australian on 3 separate occasions, in both Junior and Elite levels. I’ve been the WA State Elite Road Champion multiple times (including in 2017), the State XC MTB Champion, raced the Cape to Cape MTB Race 5 times in Elite Women.

Last year, I rode across France, the ‘Raid Pyrenean’ across the Spanish border and Pyrenées. It covered over 750km & 14,500m elevation in 5.5 days. Crossed multiple mountain times in the course of just one day. I love climbing. The longer the climb the better. I loved it, but yes, I was somewhat smashed thereafter! Which I write about in “Why aren’t you racing?” One of (Many) Lessons in 2018.

I suck at pronoucing big words (like phelgm), I struggle to stay upright on my bike at the best of times (crashed face first in Dunsborough today having a JOY time) and I never follow receipes. I like to do a ‘Sarah Version’ even if it ends up tasting rather ordinary…

I was born in Cronulla, Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.

Yes, a “Shire Girl” and my parents still live in the same house I was brought up in.

I have danced all my life. From being a tiny tot, jazz, modern, ballet, tap all through school. I attended Sydney Dance Company during university for Hip Hop dancing. I do pole dancing at Bobbi’s Pole Studio for 3 years in Sydney and 3 years in Perth. I still attend casual classes when time permits.

I get severe angst and cranky pants when I’m cooped up inside too long like a caged tiger or if I sit still for too long. I’m ok reading books for short periods of time – usually outside though.

I love exquisite wine (preferably red) and outstanding coffee. Yes. I am a proud Coffee Snob.  These are non-negotiables to living a balanced life. Thus my post on The 6 BEST Coffee Spots in Dunsborough.

I’m supremely happy and most at peace at the beach. Or in wide open green space, or mountainous high altitude!

I thrive on helping others to succeed and strongly believe that what your mind perceives is what you create in your life.

Timing is everything.

This is me. I own it all. It’s created the health-conscious, crazily active and constantly outdoors human I am today.

Thank you for joining me in this space of learning, empowerment and wholebodied complete wellness. Let’s get excited for what magic the future holds.

Sarah x

Ps. @sarahqom is my personal ‘Bike Life’ Instagram Account.