The step by step foundations to attract your most desired partnership.

If you’re tired of dead-end dating, heartbreak and rendezvous with humans who aren’t on the same page as you, Manifest Your Match is the essential framework to finally land in love with your partner in crime.

In this powerful 5 module mini course, you will receive insight, education and my specific tools (the exact ones I used to meet my incredible partner) to empower you in partnership. To guide and enhance your understanding of dating in this day and age, how to elevate your point of attraction with confidence & finally call in the love you crave.

Manifest Your Match is structured sequentially over 5 specific topics or steps, which form your solid, core landing platform to attract and create the exact type of relationship you deeply desire.

Cultivate Core Confidence

Stay true to yourself, your values & your #joyfactor

Learn the Art of Coherence

Use your energy to be a magnet for your desires.

Master Relationship Polarity

Learn the dance of relationship dynamics.

You will learn:

  • key tools to cultivate deep confidence + stay true to yourself

  • how to use the art of energetic coherence to attract EXACTLY what you desire

  • core dating + relating polarity dynamics (key masculine & feminine energy embodiment)

  • how to avoid losing yourself in the relationship (to “hold your line” + truest sense of self)

  • essential clarity pieces (truth bombs!) which could be repelling your ideal partnership
  • how patterns + wounding plays out in relationship dynamics and the way to navigate them

Each of the 5 modules contain:

  • a raw and detailed video to  learn & understand the core principle

  • a short written piece to deepen your knowledge & to assist cultivating that connection with your match

  • a specific actionable exercise & core embodiment tool to activate your fullest potential


To assist your integration, you also receive access to a LIVE Masterclass Q+A recording to help you deeply activate & embody the elements covered.

This unpacks the alchemisation of the sexual polarities as well as how our behavioural condition plays out and can sabotage our relationships.

You can complete the 5 steps in Manifest Your Match over 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months – it is a self paced, fully accessible course to grow your self awareness, capacity to connect and align to your true values for expansion in love.

You receive lifetime access to all course content.

Manifest Your Match will help you confidently and powerfully transform WHO you attract and HOW you attract, as your most aligned and true self.


I learnt SO much doing MYM! I had done self growth work before & knew what I needed to do, but this course helped really refine exactly what I wanted in love.

I enjoyed the course structure – especially when I didn’t have to pour my heart out to someone, so there was far less pressure.

When I met my partner this year, I could also apply my new knowledge & relate SO differently. I have met my partner by aligning with my true self thanks to this mini course!

– Marie F, Perth Australia

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