Attract the One: Unique 1:1 Coaching

Ready to create and align a fulfilling, connected, supportive and next-level relationship?

Want to heal your heart, boost your confidence and step into a new loving relationship?

Eager to break free of the same old patterns, stories and heart break on repeat?

Attract the One is your unique 1:1 immersion for cultivating the partnership you deeply desire.


In this powerful 3 month container you will learn 9 steps and stages I took to go from low, anxious, frustrated and alone, to calling in a beautiful strong relationship.

It is designed to help you call in an epic connection that feels safe and seen. To really hone in on your exact point of attraction that you are broadcasting every minute AND breakthrough any core belief systems or deeper programming running.

First, we drop into alignment with your true self and expand YOU into complete wholeness. You want to feel like your full, happy self again right?

Learn how to align fully with yourself and your wholeness by building self worth, self love and magnetise your life.

The complete process has 9 very specific steps which I will guide you through so you can connect with your dream partner.

My 1:1 personalised self worth and self love coaching over this period will allow you to feel good and solid in yourself, work through any barriers that do not serve you and let you call in your high vibrational match. This is the ultimate relationship coaching to call in the RIGHT one for you.


– Ignite the Connection –

Ready to create a even better relationship in what you have?

Wishing your connection had more passion, play, depth or freedom?

Craving your partner’s full support, appreciation and to feel truly seen and FREE?

Learn “how to relationship” in this day and age! No one teaches us these things!

The next step the process to a long lasting relationship of happiness and freedom, with the man or woman you adore, includes learning how you can show up for them – and for YOURSELF. Learn powerful language and authentic actions to come from an open heart and create more of your hearts desires in how you interact and relate together.

This incredible 3 month container helps you amplify and build the relationship with your lover from your own strong sense of self, to feel more supported, appreciated and absolutely thrive in a rewarding relationship.

My Ignite the Connection 1:1 personalised relationship coaching program is where I help you learn “how to relationship” and work with your partner consciously to really amplify the best partnership ever!

Dive into your relationship dynamics, clean up communication patterns, learn how to use masculine and feminine polarities to do the energy dance and so much more, for a greater, more rewarding connection today!

3 month 1:1 coaching packages include:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions for 1 month – to create solid momentum and catapult you on your path and alignment
  • Fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions for 2 months – consistency is key to creating sustainable change
  • Live voice chatting and support via Voxer (or Messenger)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Take home exercises and homework
  • Unlimited MoveTrainGlow Online access so you can be fully embodied and supported IN YOUR BODY. This workout collection I created is available anywhere, anytime for high vibe movement sessions featuring Physio-based Pilates, Barre, Cardio Crush, strength, conditioning, stretch and tutorials and so much more
  • Online Wellness Community support, inspiration and access via MoveTrainGlow Online Community Group of likeminded individuals

Testimonial’s from Clients…

“Sarah is extremely enthusiastic, straight forward, and able to keep the conversation focused in determining my needs at this stage in my journey toward manifesting him.

Sarah helped me see that I am more in line with my “progress” … and reflected well for me that my internal work around boundaries, self love and care, and taking time to rest from attracting less than what I know I deserve in a partner.

I enjoyed the deeper session that I did with you. It was powerful!  Less than a week after our last session, huge revelations came through, as well as family situations and dynamics that need tending.

Your work with me is very much appreciated. You are a gifted coach. Thank you.”

– Kara, New York (Attracting the One Program)

“I have been surprised how easy the whole process has been, especially when I have felt like I haven’t had enough time to dedicate to thinking about what I want, Sarah always seems to be able to guide me through it.

Sarah helped me pinpoint what I need to make myself a better me.

I am now able to think about me and my needs without guilt after my marriage ended this year. Sarah has highlighted to me the things that I react to and why. Thank you.”

Toni, Perth Australia (1:1 Private Coaching Client)

“Thank you Sarah for such an awesome introduction into your coaching space during the three months that we have been working together.

I am incredibly grateful for all your support, insights and knowledge with shifting blocks around beliefs systems relating to business and how they affect my productivity and energy levels. Diving into the Masculine vs Feminine flow states has given me much needed clarity and some useful resources on how to shift my perspective, stay focused and committed to aligned action.

Love and appreciate your ability to hold space, listen without judgement and offer some practical and truthful reflections.

Looking forward to your guidance on becoming more action orientated as we continue our coaching journey together.

Big hugs to you Gorgeous Soul xo
Grace and Gratitude”

– Kerry Little, Gold Coast Australia (1:1 Private Coaching Client)

“Sarah is a great reminder for the important things in life. She really walk’s her talk – she has put so much energy and time, and has personally done the work, to be the incredible person she has become.

Sarah, you’re such an inspiration and you are a born leader and teacher.

– Evelyn Yates, Capel Australia (1:1 Private Coaching & Physio Pilates Client)

View Online Courses – Click below

– SHINE: Awaken & Align –

Ignite your confidence, self worth and inner magic.

An 8 week group program to awaken your glow and step into your power.

Ditch distractions and focus on your own personal growth.

It’s your time to SHINE.

SHINE is for you if you desire:

core confidence & self empowerment,

more trust, self belief & direction,

a sense of solidness & self security,


If you…

  • feel stuck or held back
  • long for more vitality and energy
  • struggle to make decisions or question yourself
  • want to feel worthy and start to live life on your terms
  • are a Mumma looking to reconnect with yourself again
  • desire self belief and more intuitive, empowered actions
  • feel like you’re losing or have lost yourself (in or out of relationship)
  • are coming out of a shift, change or loss in life
  • seek more magnetism and a stronger sense of your power
  • want to have authentic radiance from within…

Join me…

To open self awareness & discovery.

And break through inner stories and codes.

To explore, awaken and activate…

 a deeper connection with yourself, your energy, your uniqueness, your brilliance, your worth…

 …to magnetise your innate shine.

CONTACT ME to register your interest for the next round of SHINE x

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Sarah McLachlan – Connection Coach + Relationship Coaching

Attract the One – Ignite the Connection – Manifest Your Match

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“Your future is created by what you do today – not tomorrow.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

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