Barre Attack & Pilates

Long, lean lines. Toned, sweaty and strong. That’s Barre Attack. High intensity, low impact strength classes to fast paced dance music.

Maintaining postural alignment throughout both the leg work AND arm series is paramount, but doesn’t have to be perfect!

Your posture is YOUR journey.

As a Physiotherapist who LOVES healthy movement patterns, these classes will work your weaknesses. Especially your legs and butt! Be prepared to work and sweat, while having fun!

Founder and Creator of BARRE ATTACK is Bondi’s Renee Scott, who wrote What to Expect in a Barre Class – which is the female encounter of the experience, as opposed to a man’s witty (and very brave) writing I’ve shared further down.

Barre Attack Classes are held at Dunsborough Dance Co. as follows:

  • Wednesday 10am
  • Friday 7:00am

Please email if you’d like to join a 7pm Wednesday as I’m looking for numbers to start that class in February.

BYO Socks for hygiene. Otherwise you may purchase Grip socks on the day.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL as places are limited at the barre with elastics and balls. The high tempo class goes for 45mins, and believe me when I say that is plenty long enough! The class costs $20.

Classes are run all year round. Due to increased demand, there is the option to secure your time each week, and pay upfront for the term, so you don’t miss out. This includes a discount for the block payment. The current Class Term runs in alignment with the School Term, which began on Monday 8th October. Casual attendance is always welcome.


Barre Insta Flyer Wed Thurs Fri


BARRE MUMS (bring your bub for your workout) and BEGINNER BARRE classes are also on the menu. If these interest you, please get in touch so I can work into your schedule.


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A brilliant and entertaining read if you wish to learn more about what to expect at a barre class AND also learn WHY MEN SHOULD DO BARRE (I have witnessed men doing barre and actually enjoying it!) was written by GQ Magazine. This article is incredibly true and worth sharing! 5 Reasons Why Men Can (and should) Do Barre Classes by Clay Skipper. 

Clay is a very brave man! But Arnold takes it all in his stride, as always.





Private and group Pilates mat classes are available, and these classes are designed based on your needs, goals and how easy or hard you wish to workout.

Pilates classes are arranged by contacting directly – click here to get in touch and arrange a time that works for your schedule.


Head over to MoveTrainGlow on Facebook for the most up to date class times, changes or new additions.