For the ones who are beyond ready for a BIG life acceleration


It’s time for your deepest, multi-dimensional ACTIVATION

To create quantum, next-level leaps NOW.




Ready to activate, expand + quantum leap in 2022?

What if you everything you need to know is already within you?

What if it’s just a matter of plugging into it?

We put on masks to navigate within our tribe, ecology + society.

We put on masks to meet our trauma.

What if peeling back the layers of self protection from that experience or trauma,

or learning to truly be with your Self / truth / direction / expression / inner knowing…

ACTIVATED leaps in your life?

What if it’s just a matter of plugging into it?

I will lead you to reconnect and rediscover. To expand your direction, inner power, unique gifts + magic by UNTAMING, UNLOCKING + UNEARTHING in potent 1:1 ACTIVATIONS… starting in early January ✨🦋

To create a deeper energetic alignment and activate all your energy bodies, to move past where you are stagnant or stuck right now…

So epic life leaps become YOUR REALITY and FULLY ACTIVATED 🚀

MULTIDIMENSIONAL means BODY, MIND, ENERGY, EMOTIONS, VIBRATIONS + SOUL LEVEL activation + acceleration, for mind-blowing quantum change.

Beyond your uncertainty, confusion, limitations, stuck beliefs and all body, system, energetic or subconscious blocks.

Jump start your journey, move to your next level mastery, activate your inner wisdom and OWN the service, love and leadership you desire now.

Connecting with and owning your personal power is MOST important in times and seasons like these.

Get ready to soar in ways beyond your wildest imagination 🦅

It’s going to be a deeply impactful 2022.

If you know you’re ready for your next level, ACTIVATION BOOKINGS OPEN 1.1.22

Head to @iam.sarahmc for all the latest. x

Celebrating 1:1 Clients…

“Thank you Sarah for such an awesome introduction into your coaching space during the three months that we have been working together.

I am incredibly grateful for all your support, insights and knowledge with shifting blocks around beliefs systems relating to business and how they affect my productivity and energy levels. Diving into the Masculine vs Feminine flow states has given me much needed clarity and some useful resources on how to shift my perspective, stay focused and committed to aligned action.

Love and appreciate your ability to hold space, listen without judgement and offer some practical and truthful reflections.

Looking forward to your guidance on becoming more action orientated as we continue our coaching journey together.

Big hugs to you Gorgeous Soul xo
Grace and Gratitude”

– Kerry Little, Gold Coast Australia (1:1 Private Coaching Client)

“I have been surprised how easy the whole process has been, especially when I have felt like I haven’t had enough time to dedicate to thinking about what I want, Sarah always seems to be able to guide me through it.

Sarah helped me pinpoint what I need to make myself a better me.

I am now able to think about me and my needs without guilt after my marriage ended this year. Sarah has highlighted to me the things that I react to and why. Thank you.”

Toni, Perth Australia (1:1 Private Coaching Client)

“Sarah is a great reminder for the important things in life. She really walk’s her talk – she has put so much energy and time, and has personally done the work, to be the incredible person she has become.

Sarah, you’re such an inspiration and you are a born leader and teacher.

– Evelyn Yates, Capel Australia (1:1 Private Coaching & Physio Pilates Client)

Sarah McLachlan – Quantum Activation Coach – Energetics

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“Your future is created by what you do today – not tomorrow.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

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