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INTUITION 101: Past Wounds vs. Inner Wisdom – Which is running & leading your life?

When you feel high on life and excitement in your heart, that ‘ping’ right there IS your intuition…

Please, stop downplaying it!

When you feel flat or unmotivated, that ping right there IS your intuition…

Please, stop downplaying it love. 

How you feel is your guiding light.

  1. Where are you “thinking” your way around what you feel to be true?
  2. Where are you downplaying that which you KNOW?
  3. Could you attune to your small sensitivities even more?

When you start to connect to and flex your body’s inner expression or emotion more, in a way that can be translated by you, your ability to lead your life with assertive, aligned upward direction grows + thrives!

The catch?

  1. Your body is the physical playsuit or “home” for your inner being / knowing / receptive vessel / soul calling / wisdom
  2. Your body holds BOTH YOUR WOUNDS + YOUR WISDOM

*Insert here: Oh dear… how do I figure out what is what??*

You must unearth, learn + discern the difference between the two.

Your wound is usually old programming, contracts, beliefs or codes, that is no longer serving your next or highest move in the game of life.

Your wisdom is the direct, inner resource that innately KNOWS what is right, true or best for your highest self, to on a soul calling level.

How do you unlock clear difference in between your body wisdom + wounds?

I’m so glad you asked! 

Your intuition becomes foggy + misinterpreted when you confuse your inner wisdom with part wounds.

The feelings in your body hold BOTH YOUR WISDOM AND YOUR WOUNDS.

Unfortunately this means it’s easy to act, think, feel, believe, attract + lead from past experiences. Which ultimately means you block your desires by replaying past experiences or imprinted wounds.

A “wound” is unconsciously held in your body from past experiences, contracts or beliefs.

On the other hand, the “wisdom” of your body is freaken wonderful + will lead you intuitively + instinctively…

BUT will be influenced by your wounds.

Until you learn, discern, connect + clear your wounds, your wisdom will be unclear, incongruent + may lead you down the garden path.

For example –

You will experience patterns on repeat or be unable to move through a glass ceiling to reach your desires, in relationships, finances or your career path.

By honing into the rhythms, stories + beliefs alive in your body, you can absolutely step past ‘wounded’ instincts and into wise decisions. Then you are able to reach your desires with far less roadblocks, ‘bad decisions’ + deviations.


When you zoom in on the wired + fired neurology + biology of your subconscious mind, what surfaces can be inner child stories that can be regressed + healed, or codes from your family, for example.

When this part is loved, seen + deeply integrated in your system, you realign + refire the programming that is blocking positive progress.

And your intuition SOARS through this reconnection in your body.

Your inner world writes the story of your outer experience.

Transformation through inner alchemisation is the way of the future.

Ask yourself – 

Are my internal answers lighting up my higher path ahead?

OR are they perpetuating patterns I no longer wish to experience?

The power, as always, lies in your hands – through the wisdom of your body.

If you’d like support around developing your intuition beyond your patters, stories, blocks + beliefs, please reach out as I would love to help you!

You can best reach and join me at @iam.sarahmc Instagram via DM

Sending you big love!

Sarah McLachlan

Body Wisdom Activation + Alchemised Leadership

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