10 Journal Prompts to Create More Love

I absolutely love writing in my diary each morning during my daily rituals. I turn my phone off, light a candle and set an intention that will nourish and deepen my connection with my self.

For me, writing is a way to filter my mental noise, receive downloads and clarity, and also co-create or design my vibe for the day, week or month ahead.

We humans tend to forget – The foundation of all relationships is based on the one we have with ourselves. We must dedicate time, attention and an open heart to learning, growing and trusting our connection with ourselves.

How does journalling create more love?

Neuroscience proves that when we journal or future script we fire up our Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain.

This activates our brain to scan and associate with our world by identifying people, circumstances and feelings that are a match.

These prompts below are designed to start to recode old stories to upgrade your internal body system, wiring and firing of your mind, as well as emit the high vibrational frequency of LOVE.

Try these 10 Journal Prompts this week to create more love:

  1. What am I most proud of in being who I am?
  2. List 20 things that make you laugh
  3. How can I communicate my love in 10 ways this week?
  4. If I truly loved, respected and adored myself, I would… *fill in the rest*
  5. What does passion look like to me?
  6. When I question or doubt myself, it’s because I feel… *fill in the rest*
  7. How can I remedy this reaction and feel love instead?
  8. List 20 ways to say I Love You without words
  9. How can I practice backing, trusting and loving myself this week?
  10. How can I create more love and beauty in my world?

I would love to hear from you – which was your favourite?

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If LOVE is something you’re open to right now, read my blog featuring My Top 6 Reads for Calling in Love + Creating Conscious Connection here.

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Big Love!

Sarah McLachlan x

Quantum Activation + Empowerment Coach



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