How can we play life bigger? More fearlessly?

I ask you this – are you living fully in all your colours?

To ‘dial up the shine’ or live life truly awakened in our magic or truth, we must expand into our full range of colours.

I lived dialled down for a LONG time –

Shamed for being too much energy or active for others

Cautious if I spoke too much or was too brutally honest in my truth

Judged for my love of pole dancing and fully embodied sexual expression

Socially shunned if I let my inner hippy, Earth Child really play

Avoided for my big joyful sunshine energy that is me in my element or #joyfactor

Unloved and abandoned in relationships for showing the depths of my emotions – my rage, my anger, my disappointment, my fierce passion


Esteemed + socially accepted for my professional university degree + medical expertise… that literally sucked the life force out of me and made me physically sick?

And the shades of grey in-between these traits, behaviours and expressions of myself? They are still part of me and my colourful, rainbow of being.

The thing is, 

My powerful, brutal and passionate voice for being a STAND for our fullest greatness, living a balanced maybe WILD life, ‘do no harm’ / ‘take no sh*t’ equality mindset + my pure venom for our capacity to get out of our own way AND heal on all levels –

Is NEEDED of me, and to be expressed from me, 

In order to SHINE + live a deeply fulfilling life that is my own to create.

My desire for you is to feel deeply confident, passionate, safe and bold in your fullest expression – and all your colours –

Your whole range of feelings

Your whole range of emotions

Your whole range of skills, talents and capacity to live a full, heart exploding life

Integrating your unique rainbow for this world to feel WHOLE, complete and lead an effortless life where you embrace, own and accept it all equally, as YOU.

Does it feel safe in your body to show all of you? 

Even the parts you’re not proud of?

A life in all your colours is full acceptance of your shades and shadows, an EMBRACING of your diversity at your core.

OUR diversity that is humanity

As THAT is where our power lies.

Where are you not expressing your feelings, your physicality, your emotions, your spirit and zest for life – all YOUR colours?

I’d you’re ready to expand your range,

Claim your colours + wholeness fearlessly,

Own your unique truth + your self power,

Feeling complete, FULL + radiant,

I’m here to help you!

Book your 1:1 Activation – head to the link in my BIO

The VIP Integration Option includes 2 weeks extended system integration, Voxer + a second session together.

Yours in joy, love, light and your unique, embodied POWER!

Sarah McLachlan x

@iam.sarahmc on Instagram for more empowering juice + activation energy!

Sarah McLachlan | Quantum Activation Coach

Hi, my name is Sarah McLachlan. I am a Quantum Activation Coach. I help you activate and accelerate your passion, bold expression + power, to unapologetically shine. I'm here to guide you to deeper connection with yourself, expand your energy & break through your blocks to call in wealth, love & life. Align and create your desires through unique 1:1 transformation, guided powerful programs and energetic healing. I'm a Human Potential Practitioner and multidisciplinary coach trained in energetics, somatic healing, NLP, Timeline Facilitation, inner child work, family patterns, submodalities and so much more. As an experienced Physiotherapist & Pilates Master, my MoveTrainGlow Online Access is also available to you, any where, any time! I am an athlete, adventurer, motivator and powerful change facilitator. Head to www.movetrainglow.com Sarah McLachlan x @iam.sarahmc


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