I’d love to share with you my heart and why I’m deeply committed to healing relationship patterns. I’m going to get intimate with you. Share my past heartbreak. My experiences in love. Unravel the reason I’m here, doing this work to heal the unique behavioural patterns in how we relate to each other.

Because at the end of the day, we all want to love. And to be loved.

I haven’t always been so ‘conscious’ or had any spiritual understanding.

I was a highly experienced, evidence-based Physiotherapist in sports private practice. I worked with high-end athletes, boosting performance and healing injuries through science and movement.

On the road, I was a fierce hill climbing, long distance cyclist who raced, and won often. For over 22 years I’ve been a force to be reckoned with on the bike – and I still race on my mountain bike today.

Being a fit, strong, determined, structured and motivated woman means a female very heavily in her masculine energy. An intimidating force for some.

But on the flipside… I had no idea how to “go with the flow”, be easy with life, gentle or fluid… to let things unfold was a foreign language… let alone ‘SURRENDER‘. That scary word was foreign and feared. It haunted me with notions of having ZERO control, not being able to do well, let alone ‘WIN at life’, and it certainly meant being in the driver’s seat in all my relationships.

Can you imagine how that went down in my relationship dynamics?

Add to this my BIG underlying issue that was destroying all my deep, heartfelt attempts to find and keep true love.


I have an abandonment wound. I’ve struggled with it my whole life.
But it surfaced most in my thirties when I struggled to KEEP A MAN.
I had no issue attracting men. It was keeping them that was the challenge.

Because I never kept hold of myself.

I had the need for approval through performing well in my studies, achieving on the bike, proving myself in dancing, seeking and “doing” so much in RELATIONSHIPS…
A need for validation and love from others.

Because I didn’t love myself.

I learnt to ‘DO’ all the things to fulfil this wound. Out of fear of being LEFT. Alone. ABANDONED.


Which let’s be honest… kept happening over and over again.

Out of fear, I tried to be perfect.

The perfect fit, the perfect woman, the perfect athlete, the perfect outfit.
Shaping and moulding myself. Forcing, actioning and pushing to WIN another’s HEART.

Rather than BEING the thing I desperately and dearly sought from others.

I abandoned myself for LOVE.

The thing about wounds is that they become unbearable, rampant and surface the most at a time when our soul or system deems it safe for us to fully see, or address, our being.

In the lead up to my wound becoming more and more prominent…


Just prior to meeting him, or ‘matching’ on good old Tinder, I was in my early days of understanding energy work, relationship dynamics and the laws of the attraction. I studied closely the work of Abraham Hicks. I set about clearing my energy, being aware of my attention and my way of being, and started to focus on feeling good.

I wrote up my Crystal Clear Clarity Columns, outlining in great detail my ideal partnership, his values, how he looked and all the things we did together.

Just as any good manifestor will know – it starts with getting clear on your desires.

2 weeks later we matched. *How’s that for fast?* And a month later he was made redundant from his FIFO role and moved into my brand new house which I’d intentionally built to share in my ‘dream partnership’.

To this day, I will always remember; He said “Baby, the universe wants us to be together. I’m coming home to be with you.” #dreamscancometrue

Fast forward 11 months to redesigning his house build together, having the cutest fur-baby puppy ready to pick up, an overseas trip together skiing with my best friends and a vision board with a 6, 12 and 36 month plan all detailed.

I was living my ultimate, ‘picture-perfect’, dream life with the most handsome, conscious, fun guy that absolutely ADORED ME!

A week before Christmas, he called from work; “I’m not coming home.”
Within a week, his stuff was gone from the house.
I had my first and hugest panic attack. I thought I was going to literally die as I lay on the floor unable to breathe.

Not. This. Again.
I’m broken. What is wrong with me? How could he DO this to me? What about all our love? The stories and inner dialogue were so fierce.


The most powerful thing I ever did was get a coach who quickly went to work on my core belief system, nervous system, inner child, wounds and stories. Family patterns. Healing my relationship patterns.
I learnt first hand that often we attract a person because our system WANTS to play out the wound and see our internal stories PROVEN RIGHT.
This was my WOUND RELATIONSHIP – it came together to allow BOTH of us to address our core operating systems.
And it took TIME.
It is all about the relationship I have with ME.

“Self love is the precursor to true love.” – Sarah McLachlan

To you, the magnificent human reading this…

I see you in your suffering.
I feel you in your self-punishment and internal battles.
I hear you in your unrelenting stories of pain and repeat patterns of loss.

And, I know you are worthy of love… and that you are inherently loveable.
Just as you are.

I know change is 100% possible for you.
I know for certain that you CAN have the relationship, and joy-filled life, you deeply crave in your heart and soul.

I have hit rock bottom. I’ve done the work.

I know you resurface and come back to life shining brighter, bolder and more confident than EVER before.

True change – change that lasts with you a lifetime – comes from getting to the roots.

It comes from getting to the core wound of why you self sabotage.

It comes from uncovering the PAW PRINTS we all carry. Examining where they came from.

Shining the light on them. Lovingly shifting and realigning truth. Re-wiring and re-firing our neural system.

Transcending, evolving and growing into YOUR wholeness.

Today I help humans like you step away from your unique sabotaging patterns and all the ways you are subconsciously working AGAINST what it is you truly want… because you too want it so badly…

REMEMBER – Sometimes the patterns show up outside our relationships too. The PAW PRINTS we all establish at a very young age are running the show for us. In our health. In our work. In all the outcomes in our life to date.

Having been through it all myself, I am so passionate to help others create and ignite true connection. No more dead end dates, repeat heartbreak and loneliness.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

My soul’s mission is to empower you to consciously define, co-create and THRIVE in your dream life, with real love, incredible energy and absolute JOY.

Today I am a Connection Coach.

I am here to help empower you to ignite true love and create the joy-filled life YOU desire. I help you connect the dots. Connect to your truth. Connect you to YOU.

Heal, unblock and dissolve the patterns keeping you from love.

Which ultimately aligns, attracts and amplifies EPIC relationships… and so much more delicious juiciness in life!

I am extensively trained as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach as well as in:
– energetics & somatic bodywork
– sub-modalities
– Timeline Elicitation
– Inner Child Healing
– Family Ancestral Healing and Patterns
and so much more.

I have extensive experience myself in the language and energetic healing of our bodies, emotional suppression and trauma release.

I believe….

I believe everything is energy.

I believe in our body’s innate ability to heal itself in the right environment and ecology.

I believe emotions hold energetic frequencies.

I believe the universe has our back.

I believe everything happens FOR us, not to us.

I believe the only thing PERFECT in life is TIMING. And that the universe orchestrates everything for our opportunity for evolution and for our highest good.

Above all, I believe in you. x

I first found deep healing through my own health battlefield. At just 22 years old, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, amenorrhea, osteopenia, crazy low iron… the Female Athlete Triad. What I now know is a woman who is completely outside her feminine energy and embodiment.
I went 3 years of not having my period. The doctors scanned my brain for tumours, wanted to put me on hormone replacement therapy and I was tested for Celiac Disease… I was filled with medications and continued my life-long eczema and asthma struggles intensely.
I had my own Endocrinologist, Gastroenterologist and two Gynaecologists at 22 years old.

To Read More about my extensive health issues and how I healed my body, click here.

Thank you for listening, feeling me and opening your heart to my world of relationships and connection with another…

If you feel this resonates with your experience, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Sending you light and big love from here in Australia, across the world,

Sarah Mc x


Ps. If you feel curious about to working together to move through your unique blocks or barriers, and finally claim your personal desires in life, head to my Work with Me page or check out my online mini course, Manifest Your Match.

Sarah McLachlan | Body Wisdom Activation Leader

Activate + connect with the wisdom of your body to lead your life with love. Move from overwhelm + uncertainty to radiating clear, calm confidence. Trust yourself, + your innate knowing, to pursue the big message + mission in your heart. Bravely express yourself with soul-aligned truth + authentic courage. Lead your life with joy + light into your next level or chapter of fulfilment. FORMAL CERTIFICATION IN: Somatic Experiencing, Bch. Applied Science (Physiotherapy, 15 years) Subconscious Mind + NLP, Timeline Therapy, Inner Child + Family Systems Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Polestar Pilates, AntiGravity Yoga, Barre Attack, Quantum Physics + Energetics + Elite International Athlete Join me at @iam.sarahmc IG Sarah McLachlan x


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