How to Shift Chaos to Calm Today – Ascension Playground

The world is chaotic with rapid change right now. Within our immediate small worlds and communities, but also on a grander scale. If you’re as sensitive as I am, things feel a little overwhelming. Unsupported. Cruel. And disconnected.

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, we cannot deny that the separation is real.

It’s been magnified for us all. Where it once may have been the projected separation within our own minds, it’s now a physical, emotional and moral / ethical separation we well. A lack of unity is an understatement.

I was called in my heart to help people navigate these times of uncertainty. To use the skills, tools and interfaces we have access to and create a space to bring us together. To reconnect not only with others in our real-life separation, lockdown and severed circumstances… but also to reconnect within ourselves.

Right now, the one thing we have control over is OUR SELF.

Where we focus our attention. Where we set our intention. How we return to our heart space, our true self and our inner energy. ABOVE all else – how we return to and uphold our highest PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL & ENERGETIC HEALTH.

This is more paramount than ever.

Yesterday I recorded a very heart-felt and passionate Live IGTV to share tools, tips & insight for how we can move through this mess and shift the heavy energy that may be being experienced by many. In this live piece, I gifted and detailed many ways we can step back into our self sovereignty, self power and protect our individual energy and health.

This included my ‘ABC’ approach to feel better today – in 3 simple actions and tools.

If you’d love to listen and watch, please head to check it out here on my Instagram IGTV:

If you’re looking for more intimate support and ultimately, a big energetic shift, I have something FAR more powerful to share with you…

I’m pleased, privileged and excited to share with you your online support circle and community, to shift this chaos to centered calm, through connection, play and grounding together.

The Ascension Playground is a soul nurturing space and uplifting online community for like-minded humans to receive support, be guided to shift energy & realign with your true self.

And to have fun doing so!

I am a Connection Coach, Energy Worker, Movement Teacher & Physiotherapist (Sarah McLachlan) and I am the hostess of the Ascension Playground. 

In brief, I help you deepen self awareness to grow conscious connection, through vast modalities including Inner Child Healing, Energetics, Somatic body-based healing and NLP. I am an athlete and I am a healer.

I love gifting people the avenue through which to return to their heart space and their unique, empowered truth.

The Ascension Playground is a playful and magical membership, to step into our continual growth, self-empowered awareness and energetic bodies TOGETHER. Here are the juicy energetic details ….

How would it feel…

to elevate your energy, 

inspire your intuition &

amplify your authenticity,

breathing life into your unique brilliance.

This is your invitation to access it all.

Our Ascension Playground is for you if you desire:

centered confidence & self empowerment,

more trust, self belief & direction,

energetic shifts & guidance,


If you’d like to…

develop a greater appreciation, love and connection within yourself

tap into your nervous system, energy & somatics of the body

grow your awareness &/or heal old wounds

balance your masculine & feminine energies

access the energy of Mother Nature, Earth, the Cosmos & our natural cycles 

Join Me.

Together we play. Together we rise.

If you’re feeling pulled to meet and connect with aligned, supportive women and receive guidance and love,

reconnect with Mother Nature and the cycles of Earth and the cosmos,

the Ascension Playground Membership is 100% for you.


Through connection and play together, I will guide you every month to activate your energy fields, aid your personal manifestation and healing, boost your life force and capacity to shine, and step into your intuitive, true self.


~ Are you Ready Beautiful? ~

Every Month You Receive:

– Live Monthly Masterclass + Q+A on our topic of the month every new moon 

– Live Cacao Ceremony, Yoga/Pilates-based Movement on the Mat or Healing Meditation, every month

– Monthly tools & methods to balance our masculine + feminine energy to alchemise and co-create 

– Live Energetic Integration, Somatic Release, Reboot & Realign session on the full moon every month

– Physiotherapist + energetic body healing wisdom, alchemisation and integration 

– Guest Contributions & Speakers each month 

– Share, support, ask questions and love on each others ebbs & flows in life

– Private Online Facebook Community – access anywhere, any time to receive the magic of the sisterhood



Click Here to Join Us Today


I cannot wait to see you, and walk with you, in this powerful & supportive community.

I’ll shine the light to help you realign with yours, I am here for you all the way. 

Be kind to yourself and others. ALWAYS.

Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

Big Love,

Sarah McLachlan x


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