To Meditate or Not? 5 Methods to Mindfulness, Mental Bliss & Contentment

Hands up if you’re convinced meditation is not for you? You’re not alone.

Perhaps you notice the difference when you sit in stillness but you’re not so consistent?

‘Meditation’ is a very individual, varied experience – and yet an incredibly powerful one when we intend, attend and feel. When we take the time to sit and ‘be’ we can enhance and reshape many aspects of our lives.

Whether you call it ‘meditation’ or not.

Personally, my ‘meditation’ time is a space to be true to myself and connect with myself. By definition, meditation means ‘to know thyself’. It is an opportunity, if you like, to BE and feel who we really are within that moment.

The incredible shifts and experiences I’ve had in carving out time to meditate has stemmed directly from the intention I set for that time. This is different for everyone, and can change depending on what’s going on in our life and our world. Which I dive into in #3 below!

With this in mind, the most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong here. AND, there are SO MANY ways to “meditate”!

Guided, solo, visualisation, written, energetic, somatic body awareness, breathwork or moving meditations. And many more.

Here are my 5 best tools or methods to help you create more mental contentment, heart-centred bliss or settle your soul with ease.


How good does it feel to kick start your day with a heart full of joy?

My first few hours of each day are almost sacred. What I do in this time sets the tone for the rest of the day. Truth be told, I’ve been mediating almost daily for 3 years. It’s taken practice, consistency and awareness to truly experience the shift and the mindful oasis that sets up a rocking day ahead.

I find that meditating first thing out of bed is the most powerful as my brain is open, clear and settled. Some days I hold my medi space at the ocean watching the surf, at epic sunsets and occasionally after riding.

Meditation has been a game changer for learning the sneaky cheeky ways my monkey mind can take control of any situation, and then my day.

Those mind monkeys aren’t always speaking kindly I tell you! If you can master your mind and get control over it, that’s the key to consciously choosing what you experience in your life.

I love playing with different visualisations, varied spontaneous locations, colours or smells (using the ocean/outdoors/earthy smells like rain, or essential oils).

The benefits of being flexible in time and place for me has been enormous, and allowed for consistency.

Like all things, consistency is key. So choose a time and place that works for you and your lifestyle.

My ultimate mind soother is being near the ocean. Sitting in stillness and observing the world creates great calmness for my mindset and any inner chaos. Pic: Scarborough, Western Australia


Let meditation time be the gift and space for you to check in with yourself and reconnect with you.

Check in with how you are feeling in your body (for example, tired or aching vs. energised or overactive), what emotions you may be experiencing (or suppressing) and allow yourself to fully FEEL. This is how we start to heal and create a better relationship with ourselves.

The feeling IS the healing.

We cannot heal what we refuse to feel. (As daunting and scary as it might feel, it is the way!)

It’s the first point in healing your relationship with you, and with everything and everyone else.

Would you like a better relationship with your partner? Start with yourself.

Would you like a better relationship with money? Start with yourself.

Would you like a better relationship with your body? With food? Start with yourself.

It all starts with your relationship with YOU.

A deepening of our relationship with ourselves can be facilitated and accelerated when we LISTEN to our body, LISTEN to our feelings and LISTEN to our truth.

Our relationships offer a reflection of our relationship with ourself.

This is the magic, and one of the avenues, to how I help clients co-create greater, more connected relationships with others.

Our self connection (or self awareness) is the portal and foundation to our inner truth and our unique values. It is SO powerful in attracting and creating deeply aligned partnerships and creating life by design. (If you’d like help with this, please contact me here)

Meditation can enhance our LISTENING – to our intuition, our innate knowing, our truth and our inner power.

The body holds wisdom and is always communicating with us. Don’t shoot the messenger… learn to listen to the somatic whispers and what they are trying to share with us!


What is ONE THING you could focus on, or set as an intention, to start your meditation?

Keep it simple. You could simply be FULLY present to start with. Sit with yourself. For yourself.

This could be more deeply expanding your breathing in and out. That’s it. And that’s enough.

The present moment, right here right now, IS THE PRESENT you never get again.


Switch off. Let it go. Be present.

That is the greatest gift you’re withholding from yourself and from others.

“The greatest gift you can give another is your consciousness. Your presence.” – Eckhardt Tolle.

Choose just one thing. What is one thing you’d like more of? Focus on the feeling of that and, if it feels right for you, visualise it and feel that feeling within your body – the feeling of having it in the now. See where it takes you by cultivating it from within.

My favourite intentions for ‘meditation’ time include:

  • to increase my calm or groundedness
  • to create more comfort or safety within myself
  • to be in ‘down time’, centred around switching off that monkey mind we ALL have!
  • to intentionally focus, visualise or energetically align to what I wish for my day or week ahead to bring

What is one thing you’d like more of today? Start there.

A ‘Moving Meditation’ combines the groundedness of Mother Nature, the scents of your surroundings and attention shift to the present. Pic: A secret spot near Walpole, Western Australia


For the movers and shakers with high energy (me!), anyone who finds it difficult to sit still or those that love the outdoors for mental clarity and stillness (still me!) – this one is for you.

Meditation is incredibly individual. And a moving meditation can be just as powerful as one of physical stillness.

One of my favourite methods to direct and centre my mind is through outdoor exercise.

Moving meditation creates a mental haven for respite from the ‘go go go’ of the world and the monkey mind chatter. The distracting yet centering beauty of the outside world, the fresh air and the attention shift to the body can all create contentment.

We must remember the value of movement with intention and awareness as a source of creating inner peace.

I find the most beautiful ride or walk in Mother Nature lands me so heavily in a state of calm fulfilment.

So ride or wander. Breathe deeply. Absorb your scenery fully. Smell the air with receptivity.

Leave your mental chatter behind and become fully distracted and absorbed by the world around you.

Cultivate inner peace in the way you move today. Mindfulness is as close or as far as your point of focus.

As a lifelong cyclist, riding is a great form of moving meditation when paired with incredible sunrise or sunset. Pic: Perth City Sunrise, Western Australia + my bike 🙂

5. TRADITIONAL “How To Meditate” TIPS:

These are my top tips to give it a ‘good crack’ at the more mainstream and traditional approach to ‘meditation’.

Let’s piece it all together…

  1. Sit upright in a chair or cross legged on the floor. Make yourself comfortable – for those with tight hips, try sitting on a cushion
  2. Set a simple intention. Less is more. For example: to just slow your body down, to check in with how you’re feeling / your heart space or to simply connect to your breath. I like to attune my mind to feeling a certain outcome or emotion I desire.
  3. Close your eyes. Begin to pay attention to your breathing. Expansive inhale, ease and fullness of exhale. Focus on the rise and fall of your chest. Releasing the neck, shoulders and jaw.
  4. When thoughts pop up, lovingly and with no judgement, see them and acknowledge them.
    > It’s so important to recognise that thoughts are normal and natural! Even anxious thoughts, worry, questioning or restlessness. With love, thank them for showing up and return to your breathing, putting them aside until afterwards.
    HOT TIP: If you get stuck with this, you could try writing down concerns in a notebook… to pick up after your meditation.
  5. Continue this mindful, no judgement meditation. Be easy on yourself. Allow yourself to settle fully and receive or feel the intention you desire, knowing you are supported in the moment.

This practice of attuning our thoughts and emotions is how we can start to powerfully tame and train our mind.

BONUS TIP: I like to put my phone on a timer (10-20mins) so I don’t stress out about the time. And pop your phone on Plane Mode!

One of my favourite ‘initiations’ to walking meditations at sunset in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

And one last quote which really reminded me why ‘meditation’, or connection to myself, is the most important thing in my relating to the world, and all other humans…

“We can’t be everything to everyone, and still be true to ourselves.” Harold Wilson, The Crown

In Summary…

‘Meditation’ is incredibly individual. Mindfulness ultimately depends on our point of focus.

Our intention, awareness, energy and connection with self can all be accessed, reshaped and expanded by taking the time to sit and ‘be’.

Whether you call it ‘meditation’ or not.

Remember the value of movement with simple intentions and an awareness to our surroundings as a source of creating inner peace.

Practicing mindfulness with these methods can enhance our LISTENING – to our intuition, our innate knowing, our truth and our inner power.

This practice of attuning our thoughts and emotions is how we can start to powerfully tame and train our mind.

Our self connection (or self awareness) is the portal and foundation to developing and creating a better relationship with yourself, and with everything and everyone else.

Try these methods and tools today! Please share with me in the comments how you go.

Are there any extra tips you could add that help create a calm, centred mind?

I would love to hear from you and hear your experience.

Tag me on Instagram @iam.sarahmc so I can see your favourite methods and places!

Big Love,

Sarah Mc x

Connection & Relationship Coach

Ps. If you’d like help and guidance with self awareness and mindset exploration, or to attract an amazing partnership that feels FREE, deeply connected AND meets your needs, please contact me here or via Instagram!

I would love to chat with you about 1:1 coaching. x

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