Are you comfortable to speak your mind freely? To be an unwavering stand for your personal values? And to own and honour all of your feelings, regardless of others?

This is what is means to truly step into your inner power and your inner authority.

Being powerful is not about being loud, demanding, overbearing or forceful.

Being powerful is about wholeheartedly owning our truth, our values and our instincts… and stepping into them fearlessly.

Feeling so solid and secure in ourselves that our self belief and self trust is our foundation.

There is little reliance on things outside of us for external validation or approval.

We relax and claim our uniqueness.

We let those that vibe with us step in… and allow those that don’t fall away. Which I’ve found is not always a easy path.

But claiming to be something you’re not isn’t an easy path or solution either.

Our greatest power comes in believing in ourselves and believing in our worth.

To embody this, means fully accepting our uniqueness.

Our strange traits. Our mess. Our values. Our feelings. We believe our worth. We step into our authenticity.

We claim our self power.

As an Empowerment and Connection Coach, I am a stand for your brilliant uniqueness. To reach and stretch for your highest and best.

I am here to awaken your inner authority. To help you align with your values and step into your power. For self empowerment.

And to SHINE.

Being you is your superpower.

Stepping into your power and helping you do so with grace and gratitude is why I created my group program SHINE.

In this powerful container, we ignite your confidence, self worth and inner magic. An 8 week group program to awaken your glow and step into your power. Ditch distractions and focus on your own personal growth.

SHINE is for you if you desire:

core confidence & self empowerment,

more trust, self belief & direction,

a sense of solidness & self security,


If you…

  • feel stuck or held back
  • long for more vitality and energy
  • struggle to make decisions or question yourself
  • want to feel worthy and start to live life on your terms
  • are a Mumma looking to reconnect with yourself again
  • desire self belief and more intuitive, empowered actions
  • feel like you’re losing or have lost yourself (in or out of relationship)
  • are coming out of a shift, change or loss in life
  • seek more magnetism and a stronger sense of your power
  • want to have authentic radiance from within…


To open self awareness & discovery. And break through inner stories and codes. To explore, awaken and activate a deeper connection with yourself, your energy, your uniqueness, your brilliance, your worth…

…to magnetise your innate shine.

If you feel the pull to receive more support in harnessing this, head to the EARLY BIRD OFFERINGS THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

SHINE is a space to explore and develop this, and so much more, in a container of safety and support.

What’s included inside SHINE:

• 8x 1hr Weekly SHINE Masterclass Immersions

• Weekly Live Q+A Group Growth & Debrief Workshops

• Tangible tools for integration each step of the way

• Private SHINE Community FB group to support, connect & grow together

• Lifetime access to all content received in the 8 weeks

• Direct email connection

• Opportunity to Immerse 1:1 with Sarah for private sessions

• Option to move at your own pace and leisure if you’d like to DIY


If you feel called to take this to the next level, sign up for the SHINE ELEVATED BONUS option to add on:

  • ELEVATE BONUS: 2x 1:1 tailored, private coaching sessions with Sarah over the 8 week program
  • ELEVATE BONUS: 1:1 Voxer support and connection with Sarah over the 8 week program


Let’s ignite your sparkle, power and shine together.

SHINE: Awaken + Align.

Sarah Mc x



Sarah McLachlan | Body Wisdom Activation Leader

Activate + connect with the wisdom of your body to lead your life with love. Move from overwhelm + uncertainty to radiating clear, calm confidence. Trust yourself, + your innate knowing, to pursue the big message + mission in your heart. Bravely express yourself with soul-aligned truth + authentic courage. Lead your life with joy + light into your next level or chapter of fulfilment. FORMAL CERTIFICATION IN: Somatic Experiencing, Bch. Applied Science (Physiotherapy, 15 years) Subconscious Mind + NLP, Timeline Therapy, Inner Child + Family Systems Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Polestar Pilates, AntiGravity Yoga, Barre Attack, Quantum Physics + Energetics + Elite International Athlete Join me at @iam.sarahmc IG Sarah McLachlan x


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