Your Authentic Brilliance & Shine: Staying in your Magic

My personal enquiry pondered: How do some humans manage to simply radiate… or literally create what they want in life… with what seems like total ease?

Feeling into this took me far and wide across many ideas, barriers, concepts and life situations.

What I have learnt, observed and personally experienced is this…

When we exude

✨ confidence
✨ physical + energetic radiance
✨ our own magnificence
✨ shining our unique light
✨ self acceptance
✨ self belief
✨ self trust

we step into our unique power.

Our brilliance.

Our magnetism.

We attract what we deeply desire.


Often our old stories get in the way of these aspects… and keep us withdrawn, playing small, in a low energy lifestyle… feeling average or just “good”. My stories that pop up every now and then sound like this…

  • I can’t do that.
  • I’m not good enough to write that.
  • Why don’t they want to include me / reply to me?
  • Maybe I’m not worth their time or energy?
  • And definitely a few meaner “stories” in my head… that try to run the show we call life.

Just as we choose the food we purchase and consume, we also have the power to choose whether to buy into the stories or BS inner dialogue that pops up for us ALL.

Everyone has these stories.

Not everyone allows these stories to write the script of life.

Our inner growth reflects our outer experience.

Our attraction and magnetism shines, or retracts, based on our inner work.
It’s about reconnecting you with YOU.

To shine in our unique brilliance.

This is a little preview of the upcoming course magic we dive into in my new 8 week group program SHINE… to step into our fullest, most powerful magnificence.

Because I want this for every human here.

To breathe into your brilliance.

And amplify it.

But how do you stay in your MAGIC?

How do we realign or recalibrate to step into our own version of feeling good?

Content, alive, #joyfactor or pure pleasure… what I like to call ALIGNED and full within ourselves.

Here’s some of the things I do to keep that SPARKLE alive:

✨ move my body every day
✨ meditate to check in with myself (read my blog on my Meditation Journey, coming up next)
✨ choose an attitude of gratitude for everything I have right now in life, however small
✨ choose fresh foods as much as possible, in all the colours of the rainbow!
✨ pop my phone on plane mode from 9:30pm and leave it there until I have finished my morning routine
✨ go for a nature walk + listen to a podcast
✨ bake or make “healthier” treats
✨ pick up fresh flowers, especially sunflowers
✨ hit the beach for a dunk, float, rest in the sunshine & allow my body to simply BE in stillness
👉🏼 AND… remind myself that my receiving what I desire lies in my self alignment, self belief and self trust… because I am indeed inherently WORTHY.

I carve out time to create an opportunity to reconnect fully with my SELF… and my uniqueness….
*quirks and all!*

If only for just a moment.

Are you feeling called to become more empowered, aligned & ALIVE?

There’s more…


The connection with yourSELF.

Follow your




Be the energy you want to attract.

It all starts with your relationship with YOU!

Everything else follows, flows and unfolds thereafter.

I’m inviting you to join me and SHINE.

To journey and uncover how to expand our unique & magnificent brilliance in my new upcoming offering.

This 8 week group program is your open invitation to return to you. To rise up in radiance with me.

To ditch distractions and focus on your own wellness, personal growth and life force.

This is a container for amplifying your YOU-ness. Elevating energy. Reconnecting to truth.

If you are a YES to this beautiful journey back to brilliance, SLIDE ME A DM on Instagram or an email TELL ME MORE ABOUT SHINE.



Watch this space or head over to my Instagram for the latest updates and greatest resources to step fully into your unique magnificence and ultimately, your power.

Sarah Mc x


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