My Top 6 Reads for Calling in Love & Creating Conscious Connection

‘Calling in the One’ has become quite an elusive ordeal with the current state of the world AND with online social media, fancy apps and, sometimes, our own barrage of baggage.

But it doesn’t need to be complex when you learn to walk your walk or talk the talk by authentically stepping into your power. But how do you do this? How do you even date in this day and age? Dating today can be next level challenging compared to 5 or 10 years ago! Trust me, I’ve done the leg work for you! That’s why I became a relationship coach specialising in this area to help you navigate it!

Instead of swiping endlessly left or right and digging up your best photos from the last decade, you can find the perfect partner more confidently and attract the right rendezvous more naturally. Instead, empower yourself through learning. By embodying a new way of showing up and relating to others, you can move mountains.

We all crave connection. It is of our very human nature that we desire and long for connection with others.

I am a Connection Coach, this is the work I love to do and what lights me up. I help you create and ignite connection. To attract and amplify rewarding relationships.

Here are my Top 6 Books and recommended reads to help you understand how you can to consciously call in your ultimate connection.

These books helped me tremendously in learning the energy and dynamics of relationships and, most importantly, how to truly love yourself more in order to attract and manifest the perfect partner. ❤

1. The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong

This story-based book was literally the biggest Game Changer for how I “relationship-ed”. Learn how you sabotage relationships by taking away a man’s unique power in “Frog Farming” him and how to fully embodying your more feminine side… which is one of the most attractive things for a man to witness and be supported by.

As a more masculine, driven woman myself, in all honesty this book was a jaw droppingly rude awakening to my way of being. I absolutely love the truth and real-life examples that shine from the storyline. It also covered science-based rationale (which the nerd in me LOVES!) woven through a humorous, lovely story and BONUS: is an easy read available as an e-book.

This is my most recommended and recognised read for my female clients that work with me 1:1 for attracting new partnerships and having magic, easy, happy relationships.

2. Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini

If you loved Melissa’s first book on self love and inner awareness, Mastering your Mean Girl, her second book Open Wide is going to rock your relationship world! From learning how to deeply love and trust yourself (no one teaches us how to do this!) to following your cycles with ease, through to how you can carefully curate your dream partnership, Melissa leaves no areas untouched.

Health, love and rocking relationships are all covered in this epic guide on how to nourish your heart and soul to call in thriving relationships.

This read is for the single ladies as well as those in relationship. I particularly loved her chapter on Laying the Foundations for Soulful Sex. The easy language and relatable stories from her own life make this book one you will read more than once!

3. Loveability by Robert Holden

A read for men and women alike, this beautiful gem details “how to love and be loved” in such a gentle and heart warming way. Through principles and practices, Robert cracks opens your own conscious awareness in that we are all truly loveable. That it is our birthright.

Fusing Psychology and Spirituality in a grounded and authentic manner, he deconstructs stories and unlocks our to blocks to love.

“The decision to be the presence of love is the most powerful influence you can have in any situation in your life and in this world.” – Robert Holden

4. Dear Lover (for women) / The Way of the Superior Man (for men) by David Deida

David Deida is THE GURU for each of the sexes here, with the most empowering books for each to fully step up, cherish the opposite sex AND take sexual ownership for their part in relationships.

To cover both books in full appreciation I would be writing an essay! For women, Dear Lover is a woman’s guide to sex, sensuality and men… and might be the nudge you needed to let go, surrender and flow.

And men, The Way of the Superior Man will change how you play ball. Big time! From work, women and sexual desire… Get ready for your relationship to up-level when you take heed of these spiritual and enticing reads.

My suggestion – buy both books, for your partner and for yourself, to really learn how to show up for each other in the most promising, provocative and powerful way.

5. Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

As a big fan of Gabby, this book is my favourite of hers! Super Attractor is the most amazing, easy to read book on trusting life and the universe (or whatever it is you choose to believe in as a greater, higher power), and teaches you how to manifest your dreams – by getting clear, having fun and feeling good to attract all that you desire.

This book inspires confidence, transmutes fears and helps you relax and trust that what you truly want is on it’s way to you. Gabby is a fun, Spiritual Guru who writes this book so well that her words leave a warm, optimistic imprint on your heart.

The principles in Super Attractor can be applied across many aspects of life and is super wonderful for insight and leverage to co-create the partnership you dream of – with ease. Deep down, I truly love this book and it’s awesome vibes.

6. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Albeit, I am yet to finish this book in truth! But I would be doing you a disservice not to mention this incredible science-based mindset book.

I truly believe that the mind and our subconscious has control over far more of our lives that we give it credit for. So much of what we do and “see” in our personal (potentially biased) perspective controls our reality. And, controls how we see, operate, feel, attract, admire… FAIL and repel relationships.

If you want to learn how to control your mind, change your way of being, understand how it REALLY works, Joe is your man. I write about him at length in my blog pieces, especially Good Vibes Part 1: Your Energy, Mind and Health Collide

Dr Joe Dispenza’s pivotal book leads the way in mindset mastery which you can utilise to attract the RIGHT one, create thriving relationships and learn how YOU are what’s holding YOU back.

Have a read and let me know what you think by commenting below or send me a direct message, I’ve love to hear from you!

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