How to Activate the FIRST and MOST Important Step to Calling in Epic Relationships

How clear have you been with what you want in love? Or in your friendships?

From the values you share, to the dynamics between each of you? Or perhaps the attitude your ideal partner has?

And I mean getting REALLY specific and clear on the details. That is… if you want to call in something truly amazing and remarkable. Do you want next-level greatness?

Plus… how clear is your communication around your needs and desires once you’re in relationship?

When we get super specific on what we actually deeply desire, it clears the path for it to land and arrive. It also invites our own ability to use discernment – which is part of our own inner knowing and decision making tool – so you truly know ‘what you want’… and what you wont settle for.

No more um’s or ah’s, or what if’s…

How can you expect to find this person if you haven’t completely DE-fined this person?

It‘s time break it down!

If you are too open, wishy-washy or “I don’t mind” that’s exactly what you will get! Random, unspecific, general, vague. If you really want something, start to clearly outline and define it. From your heart. And go beyond what meets the eye.

Your clarity, your vision and your precision around being a stand for what you want must come into laser focus.

When we focus on the foundational elements of building a relationship and calling in an ideal match, we can’t forget or neglect that the foundation is established by the relationship you have with YOU.

If you don’t believe you are truly worthy of it, you wont have the confidence, faith or trust that what you desire will come your way. And put simply – it wont. Or, maybe you will sabotage it if it does land. #truthbomb

AND, this often is a mirror of a way we are being in relating to others. Which is one of the things I help people with as a relating (or relationship) specialist.

Remember what you call in is in your power. You have the power to be a yes or no to what comes your way.

Sit with this powerful tool of your UNIQUE Crystal Clear Clarity… and it’s ability to cultivate the loving connection you seek.

Have you done the work around what it is you have been attracting in your past relationships? Perhaps uncovering patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving you or providing the results you seek? If you’re curious about this, reach out to me if you are called to – this is what I do.

So where do I start?

Read how to activate my tangible tool to call in that dream connection with CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY below…


This is an easy and fun task, for which you get to decide and discern what it is YOU value. What YOU desire. What YOU want your life to be like. Time to be creative and have some fun!

You have the opportunity and power to truly design and define your lover!

Crystal clear clarity is your FIRST step.

Expand and define specifically what you want. Start to be aware of other relations in your world – friendships or other couples – and how interactions occur. Look at what resonates as a YES for you. Be sure to affirm it as a clear positive outcome.

Do you keep attracting the wrong partner and those who don’t really get you? Men or women that are just not your type?

You must action this valuable piece to break this pattern and get crystal clear on what you want!

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Stop settling. Stop the ‘maybe’s or ‘what if’s’. Start to be a stand for what it is you want – so you can start to call it in!

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can it land? Unless you are clear within yourself, how do you expect to find this person?

Knowing what you value is crucial, and finding a lover aligned with your values is essential.

Uncovering your unique VALUES is the first avenue we dive deeply into on in my powerful 1:1 coaching program, Attract The One.

Let’s get super clear on this relationship… who is this person that you truly desire?

Get excited for this person to suddenly appear in your life, because that’s truly how it happens… once you have clear direction on who they, are they can appear out of no where!


Who is this person that you truly desire?

This is your chance to create, define and design your relationship by outlining what your ideal partner or person is like, as a starting point.

I did this exact step myself in April 2017. Wow did it change the game!

Here’s my exercise for you to activate the connection in that EPIC relationship:

Draw up 3 columns in your notebook. Write at the top of each; “ESSENTIALS” (NOT NEGOTIABLE/Deal Breakers), “IMPORTANT” (could live without), “Nice but ok without.”

Now go ahead and list ALL the traits and values under each area. Take your time.

Be sure to include:

💛 what they like to do themselves and what you do together as a couple
💛 your ideal man or woman’s passions (if any?)
💛 your 3 biggest values and your own needs in relationships
💛 perhaps how you connect together / your Love Language

VALUES that you could consider include aspects around: health, exercise, politics, sex, work/life balance, money, holidays together, parenting or not…

⚠️ IMPORTANT! It is crucial to use affirming statements as opposed to “not” this or that.
For eg: instead of writing “Not an alcoholic” you might say “values eating and drinking foods that uplift and nourish the body” or “looks after their body”.

Any “I don’t want” is what the universe will still hear and provide for you. Your words are your wand, so be specific!

In my lists, I have:
ESSENTIALS: good open and honest communicator, equal investment/effort/feelings, values sex and intimacy.
IMPORTANT: likes to ride bikes with me and more sensitive/not a blokey bloke.
NICE BUT OK WITHOUT: Tall, dark and handsome!

Write as many things down as you can.

We change over time, so as you witness and experience these values around you, you may shift your priorities around. My columns literally stretch all the way to the bottom of the page! So don’t be shy here.

Get super clear and define your person so you know what you’re attracting and able to discern anyone who doesn’t meet this criteria.

Your words are your wand, so be specific.

To really be a stand for this and fully claim it, share with me via Instagram your TOP ESSENTIALS that you are a BIG YES for and tag me in the post @iam.sarahmc.

I’m grateful and curious to see the things which are your unique deal breakers!

Big Loves,

Sarah Mc x


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