My passion lies in empowering people to not only move, but be strong, feel alive and live the lifestyle they choose with ease – without limitation.

With over 15 years of private practice experience, I offer individualised hands on treatment and specific exercise rehabilitation. Physiotherapy health fund rebates are available.

MoveTrainGlow Physiotherapy in Perth is designed to take you from day one pain, limitation and discomfort, through to relief, ease and FREEDOM of movement but doesn’t end there.

As an elite athlete myself, I hone in thoroughly on all body patterns, stiffness and weaknesses to guide you to gain strength, increase mobility and empower you with the best methods and exercises to reduce reoccurrence OR achieve new sport and recreation goals that matter to YOU.

You will be STRONGER and feel ALIVE.

My experienced Physiotherapy services include:

  • Acute and chronic niggles and injuries
  • Pelvis Dysfunctions and SI Joint stability and strengthening
  • Sport-specific management and high-end functional sports performance rehabilitation
  • Women’s Health including Pre & Post Natal Care
  • Personalised Core, Physio-led Pilates programs
  • ‘Growing pains’ & kids injuries
  • Exercise Rehabilitation and Home Exercise Programs including Personal Physio Training
  • Dry needling and a wide range of manual therapy

After graduating from the University of Sydney as a Physiotherapist in 2006, I’ve worked in sports-based Private Practices my full working career. Athlete focussed Physiotherapy is certainly my niche as I am a National and International Road Cyclist, State Elite Cross Country and Enduro Mountain Biker. I’ve managed Pilates Studio’s across Australia and have worked closely with Professional athletes from:

  • Perth Glory
  • South West Bodyboarders Association
  • Hockeyroos in Perth
  • Perth Mountain Bikers Association
  • St George-Illawarra Dragons NRL
  • Bill Parson’s Gymnastics Co.

To learn more about my health and athletic history, head to Meet Sarah or stalk me on the ‘gram @sarahqom on Instagram.

In my Blog I talk about my ‘crazy’ 2018 achievements and the importance of rest, to listen to your body: “Why aren’t you racing?” One of the (many) Lessons for 2018.

MoveTrainGlow Physiotherapy Clinic is currently operating for Physiotherapy in Subiaco, at:

Exercise Institute, by appointment, 34 Townshend Rd, Subiaco, WA

To book for Physiotherapy treatment:

No referral is required for Physiotherapy.

Get in touch via my Contact page.

What do you choose for your future?

BE STRONG. FEEL ALIVE. Move. Train. Glow.

“Your future is created by what you do today – not tomorrow.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

crossed leg calf beach walk
Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo, Western Australia

Sarah Mc | Connection Coach

Hi, my name is Sarah McLachlan. I am a Connection Coach. I guide you to deeper connection with yourself and with others, by empowering you to SHINE and ignite more LOVE. To align and amplify conscious relationships through unique journeys of transformation, guided powerful programs and aligned awakening. My soul's mission is to empower you to consciously define, co-create and THRIVE in your dream life, with real love, incredible energy and absolute JOY! To curate your OWN deeply loving relationships, aligned with what truly lights you up, through self love, self empowerment and radiating confidence. My intention is to help you SHINE in fulfilling, connected relationships and live the life you want. I'm a neuro-linguistics coach (NLP) trained also in energetics, Timeline Facilitation, inner child healing, family ancestral patterns and so much more. As an experienced Physiotherapist & Pilates Master, my MoveTrainGlow Online Access is also available to you, any where, any time! Featuring my own personally curated Pilates, Barre, Strength & Conditioning, Stretching, Tutorials and so much more. I am an athlete, adventurer, motivator and powerful change facilitator. Head to www.movetrainglow.com Let's create magic! Sarah McLachlan x @iam.sarahmc @movetrainglow


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