Plant-based Medicine: Essential Oils Give Back to Australian Farmers & Local Growers Across the Globe

Why do I use essential oils? Essential oils are my secret weapon to energise a powerful start to the day AND calm my farm when life gets a little hectic. To aid the healing of ailments, align myself with the task at hand and power up my Barre Attack & Pilates classes and workshops. To fall asleep with ease and sleep like a baby. In 6 Reasons I Love & Use Essential Oils (soon to be published) I allow myself the freedom to rattle on passionately.

But in essence, with essential oils I am empowered to create the day and life I wish to live.

My discovery of published, scientific articles of this outstanding evidence was key to my pursuing the use of essential oils medically. I open up about this and holistic medicine in WHY Essential Oils Dunsborough & Beyond.



plants in clear glass


DōTERRA provide an amazing, Certified Pure Tested Grade bouquet of oils that actually GIVE BACK to farmers across the world. I LOVE that doTERRA source the best soils, climate, topography and plants AROUND THE GLOBE for their range.

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus are from our very soils in Australia! Lavender from the beautiful fields in France. My favourite ‘knock out & sleep’ is Vetiver, from Haiti. Lemon from Italy. This is a co-impact sourcing and global support network, which helps underdeveloped communities, when we choose doTERRA to support our own health.


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.46.52 am.png


The money goes directly back to these FARMERS, empowering and developing tiny communities world wide. DōTERRA gives back to those who need it – and deserve it. Watch this beautiful and informative story as to how and why dōTERRA are committed to making a positive difference. Or read more from dōTERRA here.

Essential oils make living life easier. They are pure gifts and medicine, direct from Mother Earth. Natural remedies. Natural solutions. Natural empowerment.


In my opinion, the best way to start is by using them. Try them for yourself.

Ask yourself; What do I need less of?

What do I need more of?


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Join me in Wellness, and receive 25% off retail on your orders today!


You can join me on this empowered natural wellness path, with 25% off your purchases made today, as well as in the future, when you register with myself and dōTERRA by creating your own account.

This includes a comprehensive one on one Wellness Consultation together, to go through your oils, tailor to your needs, make a rollerball blend if you wish and a FREE Live Guide for optimising health benefits within your lifestyle. Join my passionate health crew pursuing wellness and experience the vast benefits these oils provide on a day to day basis, as well as long term.

By creating your own dōTERRA Account and purchasing one of the Enrolment Kits to get started, your $35 membership is completely wavered. These Enrolment Kits save you hundreds. They range from simple easy to use collections, through to huge extensive packs to start sharing the oils and commence a ‘Low-Tox’ lifestyle.

If you wish to purchase just a few oils to get started or refill your own collection, go my doTERRA page – Sarah McLachlan’s doTERRA Page. Or simply browse the enormous collection. The range reaches beyond oils to skin care, all natural cleaning products, Mood Blends and Emotional Support, through to a brand new Baby and Kids range that has just been released for 2019.

I hold Introductory Classes as well as holding Make and Take Workshops for your friends, family or even a social work event. These classes are brilliant because we make our own personal mixes in roller balls and you can take them home to implement straight away! Especially for the little ones in our lives – they need age-specific concentrations and careful dilutions. My essential oils classes are held in Dunsborough, Perth and further abroad. I am more than happy to discuss travelling to meet you. Contact me directly to have a chat about our options.

If you crave the freedom to create your day, seek empowerment to reach your best health NATURALLY, and live a toxin-free lifestyle, this is for you.

Essential oils literally changed my life and the way I look at my choices in life now.

What do you choose for your future?

“Your future is created by what you do today – not tomorrow.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki




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