Physiotherapy, Crystals & Holistic Healing in the South West

We are in a day and age where we know that dis-ease, pain and illness are absolutely multifactorial… and there are an enormous number of treatment options available to readily heal our bodies.

70% of the world might hear ‘hippy’ warning bells when crystals are brought out. However, when you turn to clinical treatments that have worked in practice, time and time again, it is hard to ignore the possibilities. The treatment of the energetic system with crystals provide simple and elegant solutions to many problems that have proven resistant to more conventional approaches.

By stepping into a space whereby we look at communicating with the body, not telling it what to do, we can work with it’s innate healing capacity.

Local, experienced Physiotherapist Simon Cribb of Back in Harmony Physiotherapy has been working with crystals, energy systems and evidence-based treatment methods to accurately diagnose, treat and manage the full spectrum of human health symptoms. These range from lower back pain and anxiety, through to fatigue, and abdominal pain in children.

Yes, combining crystals with scientific, body-system rationale, as a qualified Physiotherapist!

Everything is energy and all matter is just vibrations. This concept is one I unraveled at length across two huge blog posts; GOOD VIBES PART 1: Your Energy, Mind & Health Collide and PART 2: 11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration.

Simon Cribbs is a very pragmatic Physiotherapist who’s work stems from clinical observation and direct hands-on experience. He marries evidence-based practice, a knowledge of the energetic fields of the body, and first-hand experience with successful results, to create an entirely fresh approach to human health, which he refers to as Crystal Point Therapies.

Crystal Point Therapies is a new and exciting modality that employs the use of natural, reliable crystals for relief of pain, illness and suffering.




I love that this treatment method uses naturally occurring, earth-derived materials to get straight to the energy or vibration at fault within our body system. It’s not that outlandish given the fact that Physiotherapists often use EMG machines to treat aches and pains, and those machines work and operate from a quartz crystal!

Crystals emit a stable vibration due to their highly organised structure. In fact, the vibration is so reliable and predictable that we use quartz to regulate the timing in quartz watches, and also in the manufacture microchips that are the basis of all computing and smart technology.

Crystals emit a certain bandwidth that is created when they form in the Earth. It is this very vibration or energy that allows the right crystal to patch vibrational irregularities in the body and help modulate symptoms.

Accurate vibrations heal the body.

Crystals work on the current state of the body – not spirituality, not the past, not the future. They operate in relation to the ‘now’ environment of the body system, and will of course, cease working once the body system’s energy changes.

Using crystals for treatment integrates colour therapy. The colours of the crystals also generally indicate an energetic level or effect on the body. For example, the warm colours of Carnelian or Red Jasper vibrationally boost energy and create strong physical regeneration. The cool greens of Amazonite assist with calming reactivity, both physically as well as emotionally. Amazonite’s beautiful green is great for anxiety as well as immune system flare ups. The pink of Rose Quartz creates a gentle vibration that restores energy at the emotional level, and can assist greatly with recovery from bereavement, loss, burn-out and shock. Whilst the purple of Amethyst has a deeply calming effect on the nervous system and can assist with heart-felt anxiety, insomnia, and a hyperactive thyroid gland.

Crystals are ENERGY. They work on the body’s ENERGY.

Crystals are energy transducers. They work directly with the body’s energy system, introducing information that can unblock stuck energy, and restoring the flow of cellular communication.

They can be useful for many domestic health problems, such as treating colds and flus, easing digestive pains, relieving emotional stress, and restoring energy.


Crystal Point Therapy Dunsborough Healing


In addition to his clinical work Simon Cribbs conducts courses for everyday use at home, using crystals as the foundation of a Basic First Aid Kit. His course work is thorough, accurate and can be utilised and applied on a day to day basis for everyone and anyone.

To learn more about using crystals for yourself and your family at home, go to the Crystal Point Therapy Facebook page or visit and subscribe to the newsletter, to be kept up to date about forthcoming events.

Most exciting is Simon’s new clinic operating in Dunsborough. While his clinical Physiotherapy work in Bunbury and Busselton is well established and busy, Simon lives in Dunsborough and has opened a Clinic at the Wellness Centre, 28 Gifford Road. For more information on his treatment, head to his practice page.


Does the idea of using natural Earth-derived materials to heal your body interest you?

Do you feel that the support of alternative modalities alongside mainstream Western Medicine is a step in the right direction for all-encompassing, whole healing?

Allow your curiosity to wander and guide you to experience holistic wellness by getting in touch with Simon today.



58 Beach Rd


Hours: Monday & Wednesday 9.00-5.30pm



55 Bussell Highway


Hours: Tuesday  9.00-5.30pm



The Wellness Centre

28 Gifford Road


Hours: Thursday  9.00-5.30pm

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