GOOD VIBES PART 1: Your Energy, Mind and Health Collide – The Dancing Baby Goat & New Career

What if I told you that the thoughts and vibrations you are emitting right now are determining the state of your health and paving your future? Would you change these variables in your world?

We often make reference to “good vibes” but have you ever considered that it comes from your emotions? Or how powerful your consciousness is for your health and reality? In Part 1, I reveal the science, magic and health status of our vibrations. In Part 2, I dive into HOW to raise your vibration and lift your energetic frequency.

Every single thing in the universe is made of atoms, held and bound together in physical form by energy. From the air we breathe to the chair you’re sitting on, or the wave you surfed this morning. The human body and all our millions of functions are pretty incredible considering our tiny atomic components! The nature and behaviour of matter and energy at this level is referred to as quantum physics. Unlike past scientific theories, the space around us is not empty but a responsive energetic field.

As evolved humans, we have the capacity to generate and choose our thoughts and emotions. Memories. Feelings. These characteristics also emit energy and a vibration, whether we like it or not! We know this thanks to the incredible work of Dr David Hawkins who proved that emotions have measurable energy.

The Quantum Model of the world is all about causing an effect by modifying or choosing the energy you project… and thus creating your future reality.

This topic is epically HUGE.

I cannot possibly cover the extent of scientific evidence that my brain quite literally explodes over with nerd-like joy. *MIND = BLOWN!* (I’m not ashamed to admit that Physics was my favourite subject!)

I am by no means an expert in this field. However, the revelations I’ve experienced has uncovered our mind’s profound effect on our health, emotions and ultimately our future.

Nikola Tesla Vibration Quote

DEFINITION: frequency (noun): the rate at which a particle vibrates in one unit of time, measured in Hertz (Hz)

The Beach Boys were really onto something when they wrote the song Good Vibrations. Frequency is key to the emission of what we call or feel “good vibes”.

Robert Becker, author of The Body Electric, states that the human body has an electrical frequency that indicates a lot about a person’s health. In 1992, scientist Bruce Tainio built a frequency monitor and discovered the average frequency of the body resonates between 62 to 72Hz when healthy. Headaches start at 58Hz, Pneumonia at 55Hz and Cancerous bodies have been measured at 42Hz. Our bodies decline to 25Hz when we begin to die.

Our body’s energetic frequency declines vibrationally with illness or a decline in health.

What causes our body’s frequency to change? Is it our feelings? Emotions? Or something else?

Emotional Heatmaps

Heatmaps of the Body: where we feel the activity of emotions.


I recently tried my hand at a new career path, probably the furthest imaginable work from Physiotherapy, health and wellness that you can fathom.

I absolutely jumped in, full of enthusiasm for the challenge, courageously willing to go for it… utterly out of my depths. But the things that I passionately value and appreciate in my life diminished. This being my health and my true connectedness – to the world, others and most of all, to myself. And I felt innately that my usual ‘vibe’ dropped fast.

In the first week, I felt so uncomfortably wired, overstimulated and irritatingly unsettled at the end of every day. OUT OF SORTS AND UNGROUNDED. Soon after, my nervous system, functional system, sleep and skin all went completely out of whack. I was enjoying the new role and focussed on the brilliant opportunity in front of me. But my body responds quite physically to vibrations around me and even more so within me.

Scientist Nikola Tesla claimed that if you could eliminate outside frequencies or energies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease. I was certain that the sudden, enormous increase in electromagnetic waves within the office environment was definitely impacting my body health, energy and function.

But what about our inside world?

I am so grateful to have one of my earth-based angels, the beautiful entrepreneur and self love guru Marina Perry, speak her honest truth. Through MANY lengthly and kind conversations, she guided me to realise I had to own it and do the INNER WORK. In her own words; “Beauty, I couldn’t imagine rocking up to a job every day of my life that I didn’t love. Time to go back to you.” Marina pointed out it was all inside me.

My inside job was to LISTEN. Yes, she told me to speak up, get onboard and work through it. BUT to be authentically myself, return to self love, do the inner work and fill myself up first. To ask myself on a deeper level why this was happening. What does Sarah really desire? It had nothing to do with anything or anyone else. “Beauty, it’s always an inside job!” Thank you Marina.


My light bulb moment: My real job in this lifetime is to be myself. To be love. To be joy. To be the light. Regardless of anything or anyone else.

If you’ve done my classes or seen my true nature when I am in my element or excited, I am seriously like a dancing baby goat. Google it and you’ll see the bouncy, energetic, fun vibrancy. I feel it’s the ‘spirit animal’ version of my vibrational truth. That essence of who I am had disappeared.

My vibration is MY responsibility – and only mine.

I wasn’t aligned within myself, with that which ignited my own flame, kept my vibration high and facilitated my truth.

I wasn’t doing the things before, during or after work to be the vibration of who I am – I actually couldn’t in that role, it wasn’t an option. I didn’t enjoy becoming the nature and type of person I was becoming. And my body was breaking down. I had steered away from my natural high vibrations of joy, light and love that are my truth as an active, airborne, dancing baby goat!

Vibrationally, I had dropped the ball. I own it. Completely. 

For whatever reason, I was called to read my first blog post The Journey Begins: Pursuing PASSION which reinforced the message.

Granted, the significant electromagnetic and stagnant office setup certainly impacted my body’s health – but so did my own feelings and emotions around NOT pursuing the things that light me up and allow me to feel like my soul is dancing.

The key for a high vibration according to Abraham Hicks is to FEEL GOOD! We live in a vibrational world. AND your vibration is solely up to you, to do the work around feeling good and look after YOU! Don’t go blaming others or work. It’s all within you.

“You are responsible for your own happiness. I am responsible for my own happiness. Happiness is an inside job!” – Abraham Hicks

We have to take responsibility for how we show up.

Abraham’s work is in the Law of Attraction through good vibrations, whereby like attracts like. She says that you have the power to attract everything you desire by being solid in your happy place or “vortex” which is guided by your inner being or “source”.

What do YOU feel GOOD doing?

I always feel good, truthful and so alive being of service and moving my body. I feel elevated when helping, caring, teaching, guiding, educating, (baking and raw slice making!) and taking away the problems, aches and pains of others. Connecting with others from my heart. Healing their bodies through physical, emotional and energetic means. I am born to serve.

I LOVE the small things in life like a delicious coffee while connecting and laughing with others. I LOVE being submerged and at one with the ocean and riding, running or walking completely immersed by trees. Inhaling the fresh zest of our air is a luxury I am so grateful to have. That’s why I live in the stunning south west corner of Australia! I feel alive and happiest outside – preferably in the summer sunshine.

What about yourself? What in your day makes you feel alive and vibrating high?


We emit an energetic frequency with our emotions. Dr David Hawkins developed a ‘map’ called the Scale of Consciousness which is scientifically validated and published. Hawkins described a scale where each tier is based on a level of consciousness, or feelings within.

Emotions are energy that we vibrate. In his book Power vs. Force, he describes how a person’s log level (the measurable energy level in their magnetic field) increases as that person experiences more positive emotions.

Low, contracted energies such as guilt and grief sit at the bottom. High, expanding energies such as love and joy emit very high vibrations.

Hawkins’s most interesting finding was that cells actually die when the log level was below 200, where the emotions of scorn, hate, anxiety, shame, regret, despair, blame, and humiliation reside.

Just look at the vibrational frequency when you embody joy and love in your life! I’ll take love and above please!

Map of Consicousness Levels - David Hawkins

We all have awareness of our own ability to think. This self-awareness is defined as metacognition and separates us from any other species on the planet. We have the ability to choose our thoughts. If we are conscious of our mind, we therefore have the power to choose our emotions and vibrations.

In the Quantum Model, this creates our world.

I love the work of Doctor, Scientist and modern day mystic Joe Dispenza. His ‘truth bomb’ interview with Tom Bilyeu literally changed my view of my world in Changing your Life by Changing your Thoughts. AN AMAZING WATCH!

Joe’s book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself details how to retrain your brain, rewire your neural circuits, change your neural pathways and DNA to make changes in your health and life. This is a real science now. This book is next up on my reading pile by my bed. Here is a short brilliant meditation of his for becoming aware of your unconscious thoughts.

Our inner world, through the mechanism of Quantum Physics, vibrationally impacts our outer world.

Quantum Field Responds Joe Dispenza

BUT! There is a thing called Spiritual Bypass.

It is unrealistic, bound for failure and far too great an expectation to constantly be in a state of joy, bliss and happiness. Human emotional existence involves all emotions, just as a rainbow is of all the colours.

It is vital to start where you are at. Be in full acceptance and appreciation of all facets of the human condition. Be where you are, where you are is perfect.

Part of getting to the ‘good’ comes from being FULLY in the ‘not so good’, that is the only way to be with it; allow the feeling in, allow it to be with you without any resistance, surrender to it and then let it pass on in it’s own time… to move up through the emotions and Scale of Consciousness. So give in to where you are. Then subscribe to gratitude and appreciating one small thing in your life at a time. Love yourself 100% from there.

Everything is energy. Energy is everything.

Everything and everyone around you emits vibrations. You feel it, you know you do! You know when your friends or family aren’t vibing like they usually do and as you know they are capable of when aligned with being their true, authentic self! No one is perfect so it’s important to allow for highs and lows in the fullness of the human condition.

“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.” – David Hawkins.

Love in this context is a way of being, not just an emotionality as most of us perceive it.

Consider this.

If we choose to see others from our own high vibration and powerful place of love, in that uplifted spectrum of energy, you can ‘stay in your lane’ and blissfully happy, regardless of their actions.

That is what true unconditional love is. To love without condition. The work of Marianne Williamson and Abraham Hicks will need to be explored another time.

Abraham Hicks Vibrational Offering

In a Nut shell…

What you can control are your thoughts. What you can choose are your emotions. Emanate them… and then you will create your vibration. Our total body frequency drops when we are in a state of dis-ease or illness. Low emotions cause cell death. The Law of Vibration is real. If you want to change what you experience, then you must change your vibration. Do the inner work, retrain your brain and take responsibility. Allow space for this learning and shifting in others, every day, especially those close to you. Show up for them from your own place of love.

“Everything you see happening is the consequence of that which you are.” – David Hawkins

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

You have the power to attract and create patterns within your body to unfold the greatest health and happiness imaginable. It is all within you.

You have control over the vibration - Abraham


If your current vibration is not feeling good or aligned with where you want to be…. that’s Part 2 and is coming up next! Here’s a hint:

“The feeling of love is greatest power you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.” – David Hawkins


My personal opinion is that in most instances, our life path unfolds in our ability to harness our vibrations around what lights us up. It is about our energy and our ability to do what we love. Do the things that fill you with joy like a dancing baby goat! Sit in that high flying, high flowing vibration of joy and be the light – BE THAT OF STEADFAST LOVE! It all manifests if we feel we deserve it and feel worthy of it.

‘Til next time, do the things each day that feel good. Encourage and support others to do the same.

Sarah x

Transformative - David Hawkins


Extra Material:

  • MEDITATE: Dr Joe Dispenza’s Mindfulness Meditation
  • READ: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
  • READ: Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender by David Hawkins
  • LISTEN: Abraham Hicks on YouTube, she has a huge selection and I listen in daily
  • WATCH: Christie Maree Sheldon’s YouTube
  • WATCH: Heal, available on Netflix featuring the above scientists, doctors and more


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