Juicy Bed Time Rituals I Crave for Rock-Solid Sleeping

At the end of a big day, nothing is more alluring, and often elusive, than falling asleep fast and staying deeply in the Z Zone. A glorious sleep is so sexy, right? One of the most common requests I hear when empowering others on their quest for greater health is that they want to sleep better. To fall to sleep faster. Or to sleep at all.

We know that a good nights sleep is KEY to the most basic of daily functioning, let alone optimum health, neural system support and truly allowing our bodies to thrive in being WELL. Researchers have shown that after sleep, we retain information and perform better on memory tasks. Our bodies require longer sleep periods for muscle growth, tissue repair and to synthesise hormones. BONUS ROUND: We are generally much nicer people to be around!

Sleep solves everything.

Without sleep, we basically all become two year olds.

It seems some people are born with the incredible talent of falling asleep with ease, at the drop of a hat. In any condition. In any lighting. In any noise. I am not one of those people. In the past, I have truly struggled with what others make to look so glamorous and easy.

Today, a rock-solid sleep is paramount to my ability to do all the things I wish to do, every day.

Juicy bed time rituals that inspire and arouse sleep? Sign me up already!

I won’t bore you elaborating on the obvious, I’ve no doubt that you have heard these basic recommendations; No phones or screens after 9pm (or at least have Night Shift activated to eliminate the screen’s blue light which suppresses the production of melatonin), read a book or meditate, finish your last meal at least 2 hours prior to bed time, perform sleep inducing breathing exercises and set the scene to wind down.

With those basics under wraps and the addition of my sublime bed time rituals, I am now an undeniable Pro Sleeper when I follow these key tried and tested routines at night.

Dive into a bath of bliss to unwind for bed!


For those who run around at home in the evenings (like moi!) the best way to actually STOP and be still, is by diving into a luxury moment in the bath. Simply relaxing in the warmth of a bath will actually soften your muscles and joints alone. My baths are deliciously potent when I use the following secret weapon ingredients:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salts – the key ingredient, magnesium, can relax the nervous system and ease muscles. More on the benefits of magnesium for sleep below!
  • 1/2 cup baking soda – great for reducing eczema, psoriasis, skin and nail infections and detoxing your body.
  • 6 drops of a relaxing dōTERRA pure essential oil – these are absorbed straight into your skin, the biggest organ of our body, within seconds to assist in engaging Sleep Mode. My favourite oily options are further down the page.
  • Turn off the lights and use candles – every light emits a Colour Temperature intensity, with low light from a candle rating around 1800 kelvin compared to your ceiling light being 3000-5000k of bright cool white. Candle level lighting equates to that of a sunrise or sunset. Essentially, this low level, warm colour light creates a cosy, intimate and inviting setting. That’s my Physics lesson for you today! Such the nerd.

Science backs a bath soak of 20 minutes for optimum absorption and chill time. Run your lover a blissful bath, you won’t regret it!



Getting seductive and sensual is so obvious but SO underrated in the quest for sleep! GET TO BED EARLIER and shamelessly enjoy yourself!

I’m not talking about any old sex. I’m talking about reaching the ultimate pleasure of orgasm. It is there that the science suggests the hormones in your body release, dance and skyrocket, for assisting sleep chemistry.

It’s undeniably healthy; More sex helps you sleep, and more sleep boosts your sex drive. Yes, sex can actually make it easier to fall asleep. Studies have also shown that we fall to sleep quicker and sleep better next to those we love. I can certainly agree with that one, as having my man next to me is one of the best sleep catalysts ever.

Orgasm releases the hormones oxytocin, the ‘cuddle hormone’ feels of tranquility and safety, as well as dopamine, a neurotransmitter that triggers feelings of pleasure. Orgasm also significantly lowers cortisol, which elevates with stress. If cortisol is jacked up high, it can make it terribly difficult to feel at ease and get to sleep.

As you can see, it is all linked. If you’re bothered, uptight and stressed out, cortisol hangs around in your system. If you reduce these things, oxytocin is far more likely to be able to show up, improve mood and contentment, reduce anxiety and allow feelings of calmness and security to lull you into that deep sleep… and stay asleep! HEAVEN.

There is ALWAYS time for pleasure and for JOY. That’s why we are here on this planet. To enjoy ourselves and life.

If you needed a new excuse to get your passion and pleasure measures mastered, the pursuit of these literally life changing hormones released through orgasm should be on the top of your ‘To Do’ List today.



From the day we first met, it’s been the most satisfying love affair EVER.

I started using this powder half an hour before bed for my nervous system when I had severe atopic dermatitis. My health history was quite a mess back then. I was at my wit’s end. Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze Night formula allowed my body the chemistry to calm and the systemic shift to sleep. No, this is not a sponsored ad. I am constantly recommending this product to my clients due to my firsthand experience, as well as the success my team have had.

Truth be told, the Australian Bureau of Statistic found that on average 35% of adults have an inadequate consumption of magnesium. While we are not consuming enough magnesium as a population, stress also drains the body of magnesium and increases levels of adrenaline.

Ultra Muscleze Night is a combination of ingredients including magnesium, sodium and calcium. All perfect for those who experience night cramps or are trying to recover from stress or training loads. I use this formula particularly when I’m racing – sometimes I will double it up if I’m racing a multi stage cycling event. Magnesium ions help you relax and reduce irritability by lowering the effects of adrenaline. Magnesium and calcium must be in a balanced equilibrium in order for our skeletal and neural muscle systems to contract in a healthy manner.

I recommend Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze Night wholeheartedly.

While Ultra Muscleze Night is a delicious lemon flavour, the natural sour cherry juice found in Ultra Muscleze contains antioxidants, including melatonin, Sleepy Time’s Best Mate. Sour cherry may improve sleep duration, efficiency and quality.

Bioceuticals is a practitioner-only brand, so you can pick it up from your local chemist. I purchase my Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze Night locally from my favourite chemist and alternative medicine niche Nourish Health Food Pharmacy in Dunsborough.



Straight after dinner, I go into herbal tea mode. It’s definitely less sexy, more yummy. This not only assists with digestion, but allows my body to fully relax, internally and aromatically.

I find dinner really wakes me up at times, which is totally counterproductive to falling asleep. So I’ve taken the time to check the ingredients of my evening tea to ensure I avoid green tea and citrus elements, which inspire action and awaken the body.

My favourite herbal teas for the evening are:

  • Higher Living Organic Sweet Dreams (packed with all the sleepy herbs, plus fennel and peppermint, I love how much this helps digest my meal and soothe my tummy)
  • T2 Sleep Tight (with lemon, lavender, sensual rose and jasmine)
  • T2 Nighty Night (with digestive peppermint, lemon balm, strawberry, St John’s Wart, camomile and blackberry)
  • T2 Gone Surfing (which is my favourite from T2, with camomile, lavender, spearmint, passionflower and rose)

Tantalising tea's for sublime sleep.

Look for ingredients such as lavender, camomile, valerian root, passionflower and magnolia bark for the most miraculous sleepy teas. These herbs have traditionally been found to reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety, while treating insomnia.



If you’ve read 6 Reasons I Use & LOVE Essential Oils, then you know that Vetiver essential oil was my Game Changer for sleep. My Knock Out. My “sinking deeply into the loamy floor of a vast, dense pine forest, softly mellowing my entire body, melting into dreamy oblivion…”

I was gifted Vetiver essential oil as a treatment modality, to induce a sense of calm groundedness. A quiet achiever, Vetiver is used for hormonal and nervous system normalising, as well as creating a balance. Vetiver is a natural tranquilliser and allows me to fall DEEPLY asleep and sleep heavily through the night.

dōTERRA’s Lavender Peace is blended by medical practitioners for a completely restful state. Be warned; my friends have been known to sleep straight through their alarms when diffusing this blend all night! This tranquil blend can be felt immediately and includes Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Roman Camomile – oils renowned for their ability to soothe the senses and calm emotions.

Depending on if you love the smells of these oils, or just wish to be K.O.’d, there are two application options, both which are fully supported by scientific studies. Firstly though, always blend your pure essential oils with fractionated coconut oil (or your carrier oil of choice) and then;

  1. Massage your oils lovingly into the soles of your feet: This is where absorption is quickest to the bloodstream, as these pores are the largest on your body, or
  2. Seduce your sleepy sedation aromatically: Apply to your wrists, a dot on your hairline of your forehead and behind the ears or on the neck. You can also use a diffuser in your bedroom to set the scene for a super juicy sleep time.

Experience these beautiful oils for yourself. What is Vetiver? Indulge in a fabulous Spotlight read on luxurious Lavender Peace Blend by dōTERRA.

If you wish to join me in wellness using essential oils, head over to my Essential Oils page where I can help set you up with wholesale prices. Or feel free to contact me direct for help with oils for sleeping.

dōTERRA oils for falling asleep are Vetiver and Lavender Peace. I love them!

I hope that your phone screen is set for Night Shift if you are cheekily reading this in bed! Now put your phone away, out of the room even, and embrace these bulletproof sleep rituals that I absolutely use daily.

You never know what sexy, stimulating or inspiring information is around the corner. So if you enjoyed this read, sign up for my future blog posts by hitting the YES PLEASE button at the top left!

Have a juicy sleep session lovers.

Sarah x

Juicy Bed Time Rituals I Crave for Rock-Solid Sleep

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