“Why aren’t you racing?” The question I’m constantly asked.

This time last year I rode across France, coast to coast across the Pyrenées, covering over 750km & 14,500m elevation in 5 days…. after racing the UCI World Road Race Gran Fondo. EPICALLY HUGE. I continued to race two tough, 4 day long events within 3 months. My most favourite events on the annual racing calendar. Then won the WA State Road Championships.

I. Was. Slammed.

2017 saw a huge load – physical fatigue, mental battering, emotional upheaval. Having road raced for over 21 years now, I had never felt so inspired to keep going, yet at the same time, completely powerless, bottomed out & knackered.

For 2018, I backed off. It’s been an interesting turn of events. Pouring all my heart & energies into a ‘new dream’ job which dissolved. Meeting the man of my dreams whom I adore and who has been my absolute backbone through it all. Thank you Tristan for your patience, insight & powerful mindset.

My unwavering, lifelong passion will never change. I love to ride my bike. It’s that simple. I love to train. I love the fresh air. Green space. Coffee. Cake. Matchy-matchy kit!! And finger nails too! The quads even but mainly my ability to dance on the pedals and climb. Fast. Which has been my favourite thing since I was 16 years old.

But it was high time I returned to balance. To listen to my suffering internal system.

I love to MOVE my body. But being fatigued, battered, upset, without pausing to actually LIVE YOUR FULLEST LIFE filled with time out, joy and laughter will not result in growth, strength and riding success. You burn out. Both inside and out.


It’s a work in progress. And apparently you get BOOBS too when you stop thrashing yourself. Go figure.

So this year, I’m not lining up for my most favourite of races. That’s not an easy decision. Heck, I love to ride my bike and get outside! But it’s the best decision right now.

Racing will return. But riding is my meditation. Bring on summer and the pure enjoyment of riding a bicycle!

My favourite life motto has always been; “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” By Jim Rohn.

That’s what I’m doing.

Sarah McLachlan | Body Wisdom Activation Leader

Activate + connect with the wisdom of your body to lead your life with love. Move from overwhelm + uncertainty to radiating clear, calm confidence. Trust yourself, + your innate knowing, to pursue the big message + mission in your heart. Bravely express yourself with soul-aligned truth + authentic courage. Lead your life with joy + light into your next level or chapter of fulfilment. FORMAL CERTIFICATION IN: Somatic Experiencing, Bch. Applied Science (Physiotherapy, 15 years) Subconscious Mind + NLP, Timeline Therapy, Inner Child + Family Systems Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Polestar Pilates, AntiGravity Yoga, Barre Attack, Quantum Physics + Energetics + Elite International Athlete Join me at @iam.sarahmc IG Sarah McLachlan x


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