So, after much debate, I decided to actually go and do the things that absolutely light me up. That fill me with absolute JOY.

Not just the kind of joy that riding crazy fast down a hairpin twisted hill produces, or eating an entire block of Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate (nomnomnom!) Much more soulful that that.

Sounds easy? It wasn’t.

There was a significant amount of brainstorming, dreaming, feeling, manifesting (or whatever you’d like to call it!) in the desert oasis of Exmouth Caravan Park, in outback Western Australia. That’s also where most of the stunning photos for this website were taken.

I took the time to actually write and feel my way through, pen to paper. To align completely with my beliefs. My life experiences. My passions.

What can I share with people that will add value to their life?

Teaching my classes is certainly something that has always resonated strongly within me. I LOVE teaching people how their bodies are designed to function and MOVE. That’s the biggest achievement that has come from working as a Physio-based Pilates Instructor for over a decade. The ‘lesson’ that also came from my career path, was that people need to actively choose to take ownership of their body and lifestyle, and do the work. No amount of money paid can magically make their pain or injury go away (or waistline smaller!) in an instant – it doesn’t work like that.

I fronted up to my blank page and, bolstered by my eye-poppingly positive partner, created a new direction and avenue for MoveTrainGlow. A dream that started in a very french kitchen, during my sabbatical year ‘working’ in the Pyrenées in France, back in 2012.

I SO strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes you have to have the COURAGE to go against the grain when doors close (I’m not sure where the sudden gust of wind came from but HEY! The door is slammed shut now!) and see that opportunities slowly arise. Your path is forever unfolding and your mind has the power to create your day, your way.

It is here that I find myself with the opportunity to bring you all the things that I believe will add to at least one person’s day. Or perhaps stay with them for life.

My biggest passion is to embody and uphold

the gift of health. It is indeed a GIFT.

Followed closely in second place is my desire to be outside as much as I can; soaking up the sun’s energy, breathing in salt encrusted fresh air and surrounded by vast expanses of luscious green space.



I’ve divulged in my bio my rollercoaster health history, starting long before my adult memory serves me. My past inspires me to continue to learn and grow as to how we can make living a healthy life easier to achieve. There are ALWAYS little tips and tricks to learn! My blogging is an outlet for that. My essential oils and my choice to use the doTERRA range as a foundation to create my best mental, emotional and physical health, EVERY DAY, is a gift. And I plan on sharing that. Backed by facts, figures and literature that supports the use of these incredible, powerful potions.

What else bring me JOY? Seeing others benefit from my tips, tricks, exercises and wellness!


I’m a giver! I love giving to my friends, family and clients. Sometimes even strangers! It makes my heart dance to see people I care about happy and healthy. Elated and GLOWING. The platform for me to be able to reach out further and reach into the lives of others for their benefit is RIGHT HERE.

I hope you enjoy what I have planned to share with you. I hope we can both learn on this journey. This thing we call LIFE.

If something resonates with you, tell me! Share it! If you have a topic in mind you want to hear about reach out and get in touch.

“You’re here for a good time, not a long time.” – Colin McRae

Let’s live with fire in our hearts and truly pursue our passions – follow and DO what you LOVE.

Sarah x


Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo, Western Australia

Sarah McLachlan | Body Wisdom Activation Leader

Activate + connect with the wisdom of your body to lead your life with love. Move from overwhelm + uncertainty to radiating clear, calm confidence. Trust yourself, + your innate knowing, to pursue the big message + mission in your heart. Bravely express yourself with soul-aligned truth + authentic courage. Lead your life with joy + light into your next level or chapter of fulfilment. FORMAL CERTIFICATION IN: Somatic Experiencing, Bch. Applied Science (Physiotherapy, 15 years) Subconscious Mind + NLP, Timeline Therapy, Inner Child + Family Systems Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Polestar Pilates, AntiGravity Yoga, Barre Attack, Quantum Physics + Energetics + Elite International Athlete Join me at @iam.sarahmc IG Sarah McLachlan x


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