Attract Love and Amplify your ultimate, healthy Partnership. Sarah McLachlan is the Relationship Coach for Men & Women to align deeper connection with passion and play, ease and intimacy, trust and support... CONNECTION + FREEDOM.

Dial Up Self Love

Self love is the precursor to deep love.
Expand your heart and love within yourself to create the foundation for all other relationships to land.

Meet Your Match

Attract a new partner aligned with your values, meeting your needs and sharing the lifestyle you crave. Kick start your relationship with confidence.

Ignite More Connection

Take your current relationship to new heights with both connection AND freedom. Learn how to build more support, trust and passion together.

Relationship Coach for Men & Women

Are you looking for HEALTHIER relationships?

Are you tired of the dating merry-go-round, the failures or the ‘search’?

Ready to stop repeating the same old patterns and heartbreak and step into love with confidence?

You’re in the right place. Thank you for being here.

I am a Relationship Coach and I specialise in helping you attract and create the relationship you deeply desire. To attract and ignite love.

To help you call in authentic, connected relationships that feel FREE, and truly light up your life.

Check out my flagship 1:1 Coaching or my Online Courses.

If you choose to step into 1:1 coaching, know that it will be the BEST decision you’ve ever made in creating conscious connections. I am 100% committed to your results. I am here for LOVE, and for YOU.

Sarah McLachlan x

ABOUT Sarah McLachlan

Sarah is a highly qualified coach trained in energetics, sub-modalities, Timeline Elicitation, Inner Child Healing, NLP and so much more.

As a Relationship + Connection Coach, Sarah dives into the energetics and blocks to help you attract love and amplify the conscious, connected partnership you desire. She helps balance masculine drive and feminine flow to create deeply aligned love, and dissolves beliefs which may blocking beautiful partnership.

Previously a Physiotherapist for 15 years, Sarah came to learn that the work in fully healing lies in the deep dive of self awareness, inner growth, our nervous system and conscious living.

Sarah is a Human Potential Practitioner, an Elite Athlete who’s represented Australia many times on the bike and a Holistic Healer.

Through her personal experiences in heartbreak, patterns and relationship ‘fails’ Sarah cultivates the tools and understanding to take you from rock bottom, suffering and alone… to thriving in beautiful, connected, easy relationships.


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Client Testimonials

Sarah offers heart-centered coaching to both men and women around the world.
Toni F

Toni F

Perth, Australia

Sarah helped me pinpoint what I need to make myself a better me.

I am now able to think about me and my needs without guilt after my marriage ended this year. Sarah has highlighted to me the things that I react to and why.

I have been surprised how easy the whole process has been, especially when I have felt like I haven’t had enough time to dedicate to thinking about what I want, Sarah always seems to be able to guide me through it.

Devon B

Devon B

Laguna Niguel, California

Sarah’s incredible smile and energy always brightens my Mondays!
I am very grateful for the insights and tools she has given me to move on from a previous relationship and take the next steps towards loving myself.

As our relationships are all interconnected, I have healed childhood trauma and can process my emotions more effectively now.

Sarah is a wonderful being, and I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of relationship status.

Tom C

Tom C

Karratha, Western Australia

Sarah's work has helped me breakthrough in clarity, direction and purpose in my life.

Sessions were naturally led down a path that was focused on either resolving some resistance within myself OR aligned with what I needed for my highest good. Sarah's style has given me greater insight into myself as a person and also teaching me tools and concepts to be able to self-coach.

I am now better able to able to connect with my authenticity. Find what it is that I desire most from my heart.

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